Vehicle Trackers

Every day over 200 vehicles are reported stolen. Choose from our range of vehicle GPS Trackers and Security Devices for Cars, Bikes or Fleets and experience true peace of mind.


Starting Price: ₹ 4,600/-

Personal Trackers

Personal trackers & Safety alarms to watch over your loved ones even when you’re not around. Get live tracking, two-way communication and geo-fencing with xbooms range of trackers.


Starting Price: ₹1,850/-



Tracking devices for whether you’re always on the move or if you are carrying valuable good. Explore our range of tracking devices with audio surveillance and live location with the push of a button


Starting Price: ₹349/-



Time is of the essence while trying to track down a lost pet. Get Geo-fencing, live tracking, mobile alerts when your pet exits the premises and so much more, all at your fingertips.


Starting Price: ₹4,399/-

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GPS Tracking Devices

Secure People and Assets


Equipped with state of the art technology, our GPS trackers come in multiple sizes for a variety of purposes. Not only do we provide  GPS Tracking devices that meet governmental regulations ( like AIS 140 certified ) for use in vehicles such as cars and bikes, we also carry smaller models that can be used to track your assets, your luggage, your pet, or even your kids! No more worries of missing people, pets, vehicles or luggage when you have GPS trackers installed. Most importantly, while our products are made with state of the art technology, we have taken care to ensure that we have something to fit every price range! 

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