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Features of GPS tracking software

Categories of GPS Trackers


Vehicle GPS trackers are used to keep vehicles connected and tracked by facilitating surveillance options using our regular smartphones & tablets.



Pet GPS helps us in tracking and staying connected with the whereabouts of our pet while we are not around them, using smartphones and tablets.



Personal GPS helps us in keeping our loved ones informed on smartphones and tablets about about our whereabouts by carrying them around.



Kids GPS tracking devices are wearable devices that helps us in knowing the whereabouts of our kids while they are not around us, using smartphones.



Asset GPS tracking devices are tiny devices that can be placed in anything while we can know whereabouts on the run using our smartphones or tablets.



Luggage and baggage GPS are tiny devices that can be attached to facilitate tracking of them in case of theft or lost, using our smartphones or tablets.


Let’s understand the Advantages of GPS Trackers

1. Locating Positions

This is the main and most common application of GPS—tracking locations. A lot of adventure lovers have their own tracker because of the many benefits of GPS for hiking enthusiasts. Suppose you are hiking with your friends and you get separated, GPS can help you find one another’s location.

2. Easy Access to Emergency Road Side Support

In case you encounter an accident or any emergency in an isolated area and need immediate assistance, you can call pre-programmed emergency numbers on your smartphone. One of the most noteworthy uses of GPS is that even without giving location details, emergency crew will be able to trace your current location.

3. Preventing Car Theft

Being an excellent anti-theft device is one of the uses of GPS. Installing tracking device on vehicles will allow you to trace and locate it in case your car is stolen by someone. There are already several reports of recovered stolen vehicles, thanks to GPS technology.


4. Locating Your Pets

There are a lot of reasons your pet escapes or wanders away from your home. Dogs and cats are easily frightened by loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks. They are also easily get distracted and lured by food, sound, or other things. Just like that and your pet becomes missing or stolen.

By attaching a mini GPS tracker in a collar, you can immediately track your pet’s location and recover them.

5. Keeping Watch on Elderly People

One of the widely known uses of GPS is keeping tabs on the elderly. GPS for elderly helps you take care of a senior family member who has a tendency to wander alone and have difficulty finding way back to home. Some health facilities find the technology truly helpful in looking after their patients with dementia.

There’s a button in these emergency calls for medical assistance to arrive immediately. The emergency button allows them to call for help.

6. Fleet Tracking

Companies that use GPS fleet tracking devices on their fleets to track their vehicle’s routes gain a lot of benefits including cutting down on fuel and operation cost, which lead to the increase of overall efficiency of the company. Real-time vehicle tracking also guarantees the safety of taxi passengers.

7. Solo Travels

There are times when a person needs to go to a place that is not safe for solo travelers. It’s risky going to such places especially for a woman if she has no companion. In case you have no choice, it is advisable to place a GPS tracker on your shoes or pocket so that in case an unfortunate event occurs, you will be located immediately and help will come before everything is too late.

8.Tracking for Law Enforcement

The police also take advantage of the uses of GPS. These devices can also be used by police and investigators in catching criminals using GPS tracking. The authorities will just have to slickly attach a tiny GPS tracking device on the suspect’s vehicle to track the crime location. GPS can help them collect useful evidences.

Special forces in covert operations can also benefit from using the technology so the operation commander can monitor your movements, whether you are safe or will need support.

9. Securing Valuables 

The price of paintings and other artworks are worth as high as hundreds of millions when sold or auctioned in galleries. No wonder they are called investments. As an additional layer of security, owners put a small tracking device on those artworks so they can trace the thieves and get back their “investment.” 

Similarly, you can secure your “Precious” just by attaching a GPS tracking device.

Generation A

Features supported by all the GPS devices across all the generations.

  1. Live Tracking 24 X7 across multiple devices simultaneously.
  2. Ignition status to understand the working time and control the unauthorized vehicle movements.
  3. Anti-theft alert and towing alert to protect your vehicle.
  4. Overspeed alerts to improve the driving behavior.
  5. Historical reports on Trips, location, distance, and speed in pdf and excel format.
  6. Historical playback in video format for any particular time interval.
  7. Create Geo-fence to mark a particular area on a map and assigning the site name to it. Alert and report can be generated whenever there is an entry or exit of the vehicle having the GPS tracker.

Features supported by GPS Tracker v2.0 (ARAI APPROVED)

  1. SOS/ PANIC button is used to trigger an immediate alert to the fleet admin via E-mail & in-app alert.
  2. Remote cut-off

A. C on/off alerts supported by Prime Vehicle GPS Tracker


Generation B

Features supported by Generation B GPS tracking devices :

  1. All the functions of Generation A.
  2. One-Way Calling for audio surveillance is very helpful in controlling the driver behavior. The increasing cases of usage of mobile while driving are causing a number of accidents. Also, due to the lack of surveillance and proof, the rash behavior or criminal activities go uncontrolled. Supported by GT06N- GPS Tracker
  3. Two-way Calling is also possible with the devices supporting speaker connection with the GPS tracking unit. SOS button is used to trigger an emergency call at the time distress by the passenger or driver. This could be very helpful in case of an accident.Supported by Xboom Tracker v4.0. AT4- Wireless Asset Tracker, and Tracker v5.0
  4. Fuel monitoring can be done by directly connecting the GPS device with the input. But using a sensor is recommended for the accurate reading as per the calibration of the tank. This feature is crucial for monitoring the fuel usage and avoiding any fuel fraud.

Generation C

Along with the other basic features this generation of GPS trackers features

  1. Dual Camera Surveillance and video recording even at night time. The front camera faces the road and the back camera captures inside the vehicle. This is the latest innovation for the best possible surveillance using a GPS tracker.
  2.  The most accurate for Driver’s Behavior Analysis as the G-sensor enable the camera to perform better for driver’s behavior analysis.
  3. Front Camera prime purpose is to record the driving pattern of the driver, and in case of accident provides a clear picture of the truth. It can also be used in monitoring any work done in front of the vehicle.
  4. Recording facility diminishes the intention of misguiding the fleet admin about the bribe or any other expenses occurred.

The devices supporting these features are JC100 and JC 200

These devices are very useful for all types of commercial vehicles.

Industrial applications of GPS devices

Drastic improvement has been achieved by using the live location tracking, fuel monitoring and historical reports. It also helps in securing goods carried.

Cash logistics and security companies keep monitor of their cash van or agents carrying the cash. Historic data stored for three months helps in investigating in case of any issues.

Ambulance and school buses equipped with GPS trackers ensures the exact location tracking at any point of time ensuring better management of the vehicles and safety of children.

Helps to save big bucks by keeping track of the movement of the heavy machineries and also ensuring their safety.

Subscription Plans

Sim Cards and Server


Rs. 15001 Year

SMS Alerts : Unlimited
Email Alerts : NA
Relay : Chargable

Rs. 24992 Years

SMS Alerts : Unlimited
Email Alerts : Unlimited
Relay : Free

Rs. 21993 years

SMS Alerts : Unlimited
Email: Unlimited
Relay : Free

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