GPS Tracking Devices

Secure People and Assets

Equipped with state of the art technology, our GPS trackers come in multiple sizes for a variety of purposes. Not only do we provide  GPS Tracking devices that meet governmental regulations ( like AIS 140 certified ) for use in vehicles such as cars and bikes, we also carry smaller models that can be used to track your assets, your luggage, your pet, or even your kids! No more worries of missing people, pets, vehicles or luggage when you have GPS trackers installed. Most importantly, while our products are made with state of the art technology, we have taken care to ensure that we have something to fit every price range! 

Take a step towards your safety today!

Personal GPS Trackers

These wireless devices are very helpful in keeping track of your loved ones and for being in touch with them. Especially useful in calling for help in case of danger or health issues. To know more about personal gps tracking devices read our blog.

Vehicle GPS Trackers

Explore our Vehicle GPS Trackers with latest features like Two-way calling, SOS button, Driver behaviour analysis and more. Installing these latest types of GPS Trackers ensure higher level of security for your assets as well as passengers. We have made both wireless and affixable models available for your selection.


Explore GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicle & Personal GPS Trackers