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Fingerprint Bluetooth Padlock

Bluetooth Padlock

Free APP Unlock: Keyless Convenience Lets You Stop Worrying About Lost Keys & Forgotten Combinations.

(Suitable for Android & iOS system)

Bluetooth padlock

Add Upto 7 Fingerprints

USB Rechargable

IP65 Waterproof

Premium Quality

Bluetooth Enabled

App Remote Control

300 mAh Battery

Unlock History Checking

CC2541 Processor

Highly Durable Body For Increased Resistance Against Impact
Loud 130dB Siren
In-Built Battery & Security System That Activates The Alarm
Set of Three Keys

Anti-Theft Alarm Lock

Ensure complete peace of mind and security with the alarm lock. Its lound 130 db alarm is activated when anyone tries to tamper with the system or on impact with a hard object, alerting you or the surrounding people that the safety of your asset is at threat.

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