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Stun guns in Jharkand

Stun guns in Jharkand have slowly evolved to become a necessity.  Personal safety is no matter that can be taken lightly as more and more cases of assault, robbery and other crimes have become rampant and are no longer an ‘unlucky’ event. Individuals have to realize that their safety is their own concern and that the Law is merely a means to provide justice. Often times, when events unfold that are malicious and harmful, most of the victims are often alone or outnumbered. Investing in a self-defence weapon ensures that attackers no longer have the upper hand and that as an individual you and your loved ones stay as protected as possible. Stun Guns in Jharkand like most other regions in India are a permitted carry on by law for use in self defense as long as it is non lethal.    

Stun guns work on the simple principle of conduction. They usually consist of two charged conducting rods separated by an insulator. When the stun gun comes in contact with an attacker, it quickly immobilizes the attacker without bringing him or her permanent injury or physical damage. 

Jharkand has seen an estimate 48 thousand cases of criminal offences and activities being reported in the 2013 itself. The increase in criminal offences and offences against women in particular clearly urge citizens to understand the gravity of the situation and be able to control it as much as possible. One way of exerting this control in situations that are unsavoury is by investing in a safe and reliable self defense tool that can help guarantee your safety and the safety of those around you.

Stun guns push millions of volts of energy into the body making the muscles in the body work at a rapid rate, it is important to note rapid does not mean efficient. This rapid muscle movement or spasms completely deplete the blood sugar in the body and convert the sugars into lactic acid molecules. The resulting loss of energy makes it hard for the attacker to function. Simultaneously the central nervous system is also affected and their impulses fail to and are unable to move through the body making the attacker disoriented and imbalanced. The resulting fatigue combined with the disorientation gives victims who have felt threatened an ample amount of time to flee from the scene and from any danger. 

As a general rule, anywhere from one to five seconds of contact to the attacker with the stun gun is ample time to cause disorientation without inflicting any permanent harm. The way our nervous system is designed, neurons and nerve cells that carry electrical impulses communicate with each other and other organs by sending signals that move across nerve synapses using chemical neurotransmitters. Signals in the body are transferred from the brain to the body via the spine. For instance, if you stub your toe against furniture, neurons fire electric signals to your brain which convey the message that your toe is injured.  A Stungun works on disrupting this flow of messages by inhibiting neurons by inducing a current. Initial models of the stun gun have had some reported mishaps with regard to the amount of time the attackers were exposed to the charge. Exposure to more than six seconds can prove to be lethal. XBoom’s Stun guns like most other manufacturers have self stop features which mean the charges have to be re-triggered every five seconds. With various models from batons to flashlights and even lipstick stun guns for the modern woman to stay in control of her safety, Xboom offers a plethora of models to choose from for your security needs.

That being said, it is important to note that in any ECD’s or Electronic Control Devices the amperage matters much more than the voltage. Voltage only gives the push needed for the current to flow through clothing and skin into the body. As illustrated earlier, the frequency is what determines how lethal the Stun gun’s charge can be. In other words, a standard wall outlet in any household that is of 110 voltage can deliver large amperes of current indefinitely that can result in someone being burnt. In stark contrast, a fifty thousand volt self-defence weapon like a Stun gun can only deliver around four-hundredths of an ampere or lesser for a few seconds. Even with the large voltage, the Stun gun is not lethal because of the duration of the charge that is being used (less than 5 seconds) and the amperage is too little and hence will not kill the attackers but rather render them motionless and dazy for close to ten seconds. 

Safety should never be a second priority in a world where incidents of attacks and assaults are a common sight. Stay at the peak of your security and those of your loved ones with self-defence products like stun guns and batons that are tested and preferred by thousands of people all over, only at XBoom. Invest in a reliable and assured self-defence option that can last a lifetime. Protect the ones you care about and love. With crime rates at an all-time peak and more incidents of assault and robbery coming to light it is important to stay secure and be able to take care of oneself until help can be reached. 

Xboom offers its products like the Bling; an ideal weapon for women who work late shifts and odd hours, Ewave; the stun gun and many more products cleverly designed and manufactured to either look inconspicuously like everyday objects or are small and concealable. Xboom’s products are all available on doorstep delivery meaning you don’t have to ever leave the comfort of your own house to be able to invest in you family’s safety. Xboom’s products can be availed at Ashok Nagar, Kanke Road, Airport Road, Hawai Nagar, Old A.G. Colony, New A.G. Colony, Harmu Housing Colony, Morabadi and Lalpur among other localities. Stay one step ahead and invest in a self defense weapon to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.


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