Personal safety

Personal safety
July 28, 2015 vishal saurav
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 In today’s world of development, uncertainty is something which grew at an equal pace along with modernization. Everything does not occur according to our expectation. And the worst effect this can have is on our . In general, the sense of feeling secured from any sort of potential danger can be considered as Personal Safety. From a broader perspective, Personal Safety should be related to a state of freedom against a physical, emotional or psychological incident which turns out to be an undesirable event towards any individual. 

 The best way to define would be to quote that personal safety has no general definition rather it depends upon the situation and its various parameters. The modern definition of Personal Safety would be taking into account the way the basic rights of an individual are addressed.

It does not always depend upon the reality that we see with the naked eye. But also involves the mental condition of an individual.  A person may not be at direct threat from anyone, But he/she still may remain in constant fear which indicates a lack of Personal Safety.

One of the major mistakes while ensuring personal safety is to consider only strangers as someone who can commit crime whereas the reality is mostly the opposite. A solution which we all look is, To eliminate all possible threats towards our safety from society  which is impossible.

Hence, It is better to imbibe some practices like, self-defence training and safety items/devices that increases our personal safety. It is actually a kind of mindset which gives birth to a set of attitudes and habits. And  that mindset & attitude which helps to be used as a countermeasure while feeling unsafe. It can either acquired through experience or through education or through combination of both. In addition to that  Keeping updated with the latest news mostly related to one’s own surroundings  is much important. Most people work on it only after they have once suffered through some unwanted situation. After all, preparation beforehand is always better than planning your reaction towards an unsafe situation while going through it.


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