Why a Self-Defence Gadget?

Safety may be a state of mind, but the gadgets definitely help get there!

  •  Self Defence is legally permissible under and protected by, the laws of India.

  • A portable yet highly effective gadget can be used to neutralize a physically stronger attacker.

  • Many attackers are likely to stop their pursuit if they realize their intended victim is carrying something that could likely harm them and prevent the assault.

  • A personal safety device can be used to draw attention to a dangerous situation and help you escape!

Self defence

Self-Defence Gadgets

Today’s world is one where safety and security – especially for vulnerable groups like women, children, and senior citizens – has become the need of the hour. However, when one hears the word “self defence” they automatically associate it with training and techniques learned from expensive classes. Here at XBoom, we’re looking to change that perception.