Xboom Advanced Pepper Spray

Ultra Powerful, Ultra Effective

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Bling Safety Torch With Fashlight

Generates 3.8 million volts

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26 Inch Solid Iron Baton With Foam Grip

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Paracord Bracelet V2.0

Highly Durable Survival Tool

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Self-Defence Kits & Combos To Be Ready For Any Situations

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Stun Guns


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Generates non-lethal high voltage electric shock




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Portable expandblae batons and multi-purpose Baton stun guns

SOS Devices


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Loud Sirens To Call For Help Or Raise Panic Alarms



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Strong  Parachute Cord For Self-Defence & Survival Tools

Most Popular Self-Defence Gadget

Your Greatest
Outdoor Companion

Panic Alarms & SOS Devices Starting From ₹220/- Only

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Basu eAlarm

Raise help signal to attract nearby people

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Emergency alert and call to close contacts

mybuddy emergency alert

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Your Attackers.

Self-defense gadgets that gives you an edge.

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    Electra V-2.0 Laser + Flash Light Stun Gun

    2,000.00 1,500.00
  • Bling – Lipstick Stun Gun cum Flashlight


Carry Confidence With Shocking Power

Face Any Situation Knowing You Are Prepared

Safety Torches Starting From ₹1199/- Only

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Protect Yourself From Rising Crime Rate

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Sexual Harassment

Animal Attacks

Road Rage

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