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Self-Defence Product Categories

Stun Guns

Generates non-lethal high voltage electric shock. It acts like a quick acion self-defense weapon, by incapacitating the attacker immediately by just a second or less body contact with the electrodes of the stun guns. Most of the stun guns come equipped with additional feature of flashlight.


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Pepper Sprays

Hot & Strong Pepper sprays to tackle multiple attackers. We provide high quality pepper sprays that address the shortcomings with the regular pepper spray. Equip yourself with aerosol base 10% O.C Pepper sprays that works from 360 degree without ever harming yourself because of the flip-flop safety cap.


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SOS Devices

Loud Sirens To Call For Help Or Raise Panic Alarms. Panic alarms are  non-voilent type of protection devices, which actually works on the pyschology of a criminal. It can surprise the attacker and make him run him away just because of the fear of someone approaching.


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Portable expandblae batons and multi-purpose Baton stun guns. Classic weapon made advanced to match up the modern era standards. Equip yourself with compact, ultra-strong and hardened.


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Self-Defence Kits & Combos To Be Ready For Any Situations

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Self Defence Products that gives you an edge.

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Why Self-Defence Gadgets Are Must-have in Today’s World?

Traveling Solo

The Thrill Of Traveling Solo Can Often Be Overpowered By The Uncertainity And Fear Of Traveling To A New Place By Yourself. Devices Like Stun Guns & Pepperspay Can Help You Ensure That You Will Be Better Prepared To Deal With Any Undesierable Elements That You May Encounter.


Unleash The Explorer Within You And Never Fear Heading Out Into Unfamiliar Territory.Keep Yourself Prepared And Equipped With Persoanl Safety Gadgets. The Right Tools & Knowledge Can Make The Difference Between Life And Death In Dangerous Situations While At  Secluded Trekking Paths.

Animal Attacks

Animal Attacks Are A Very Common Occurance, Whether You Are Out Exploring The Wilderness Or Wandering The Streets Of The City. Wild/Stray Dogs And Other Similar Animal Can Pose A Significant Threat To Your Safety. Animals Are Very Unpredictable Beings And Will Attack If They Feel Threatened.

Isolated Highways

More Often Than Not, All Travellers Find Themselve On An Empty Highway. Roads Like These Leave You More Vulnerable To Highway Thugs, Muggings And Even Threat To Your Life. Carrying Personal Safety Gadgets Can Help You Significantly In Getting Out Of Such A Situation Without Putting your Well-Being At Risk.

 Public Transport

Railway Stations And Bus Terminals Can Be A Dangerous Place To Find Yourself At Night. You Never Know What Could Be Waiting For you Around The Corner, So Take Your Safety Into Your Hands With Self-Defence Gadgets That Can Help Make A Difference In A Life-Threatening Situation.

Taxi Services

Have You Ever Felt Unsafe While Travelling In A Cab? Despite Regulatory Changes Made By Large Cab Aggregators Such As The Emergency Button And Tracking, Instances Of Drivers Misbhaving/Harrasing Customers Late At Night Are Still Aplenty. Ensure Your Safety By Carrying Personal Safety Gadgets.

What Do the People Say?

This can come really in handy. I reside on the outskirts of Kolkata, used Xboom personal safety alarm once , it was really loud enough to gather people.

Deepthi Iyer

I feel like i have a tiny soldier in my bag 🙂

Syeda Ummay Husna

Gave this to my sister as a present. Now she has an extra aid to her karate moves !

Sultan Alimuddin

Must buy products ! To be kept with females at all times, looking at the current scenario.

Joyeeta Neogi

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