Today’s world is one where safety and security – especially for vulnerable groups like women, children, and senior citizens – has become the need of the hour. However, when one hears the word “self defence” they automatically associate it with training and techniques learned from expensive classes. Here at XBoom, we’re looking to change that perception.

Empower yourself with our diverse range of self-defence gadgets!

From our carefully curated collection ranging from your traditional self-defence tools such as pepper spray and stun guns; to cleverly designed batons and paracord accessories, we are positive you will find your perfect fit in our catalogue. These tools are 100% legal in their use and do not require any sort of license to be used!

Our products are manufactured with dedicated compliance to the highest industry standards, and we have taken great care to ensure that no matter your skill level, you will find your self-defence tool of comfort, providing you with a sense of safety and security in your everyday life. Whether you’re facing a weaponed threat like a knife attack, or a physical threat to your body, we promise our products are not only easy to use, but will afford you precious protection in your moment of need.  

Why a Self-Defence Gadget?

    • Act Smart, take Charge: To be independent and stop crime at its first instant.
    • Legal: Self Defence is legally permissible under and protected by, the laws of India.
    • Very effective: Neutralize a physically stronger attacker.
    • Non-lethal & Temporary
    • Psychological effect: Many attackers are likely to stop their pursuit if they realize their intended victim is carrying something that could likely harm them and choose not to assault.