Insta360 One Bike Bundle


  • Perfect for cycling, mountain biking, BMX and motorcycling
  • The bundle  includes helmet flat adhesive mount (including extension pole), chest strap and handlebar mount
  • Insta360 GO 2 must be assembled with the Action Mount Adapter

1-Year Warranty     7 days return policy     PAN India Fast Shipping   

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Insta360 One Bike Bundle

The Insta360 One Bike Bundle is a comprehensive package designed for cyclists who want to capture their biking adventures in stunning 360-degree video. This bundle includes the Insta360 One camera along with a range of accessories specifically tailored for cycling enthusiasts. The Insta360 One camera captures immersive 360-degree footage, allowing you to relive your biking experiences from every angle. It offers high-resolution video and photo capabilities, along with advanced stabilization technology to ensure smooth and steady footage even during intense rides.

Insta360 One Bike Bundle
Insta360 One Bike Bundle
Insta360 One Bike Bundle

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