MFE Fighter 2430mm Wingspan Compound Wing EPO VTOL Aerial Survey FPV RC Airplane KIT

  • Efficient Aerodynamics, on the basis of the conventional inverted T layout, the Fighter have optimized the aerodynamic figure and relative positions of the wings, horizontal tail, vertical tail and fuselage.
  • Light but Stable.
  • The wing and tail adopt a toolless quick-release structure, disassembly quickly.
  • IPX3 waterproof level.
  • Large fuselage cabin, low resistance.

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MFE Fighter 2430mm Wingspan Overview

The fighter is a fixed-wing flight platform weighing 10 kg (hand parachute/VTOL) that is portable, user-friendly, sturdy, and long-lasting. The fighter is positioned as a heavy-duty, long-endurance fixed wing, which considerably decreases aerial survey difficulty, further frees productivity, and enhances aerial survey efficiency.

The aeroplane is simple and quick to assemble because to the modular design philosophy. The aircraft is practical, portable, and user-friendly because to its readily detachable wings, folding arms, and tail fins. The Sony A7R2 full-frame camera with 4200W pixels and a lightweight, 1.5kg lidar can be mounted in the open flight control cabin, which is compatible with Pixhawk flight control. The lithium polymer battery with a maximum support of 12s@22000mah allows for extremely long range and high-quality shooting.

The final mapping would meet the 1:1000 and 1:2000 aerial survey standards with the use of appropriate control points, realizing a wide range of applications including geography surveys, farmland, forestry land and grassland protection, power line inspection, environmental protection, water conservancy, and others.

The MFE Fighter stands at the forefront of RC aviation technology, offering an innovative VTOL design combined with a suite of features tailored for aerial survey, FPV flying, and advanced unmanned aerial missions. Here’s a detailed look at its comprehensive features:

VTOL Capability: The MFE Fighter incorporates cutting-edge vertical take-off and landing technology, enabling operations in environments where traditional runway takeoffs are not feasible. This feature significantly broadens the aircraft’s operational versatility, allowing for deployments in constrained spaces and varied terrains, making it exceptionally adaptable for a myriad of mission profiles.

Compound Wing Design: With its expansive 2430mm wingspan and sophisticated compound wing architecture, the MFE Fighter achieves superior aerodynamic efficiency and stability across a wide range of speeds and altitudes. This design enhances flight endurance and performance, particularly for tasks requiring prolonged aerial coverage and precise maneuverability.

Durable EPO Construction: Crafted from premium Expanded Polyolefin (EPO) foam, the MFE Fighter offers outstanding durability and impact resistance. This construction ensures the aircraft’s longevity and reliability through extensive operational use, safeguarding your investment against the rigors of frequent flights and challenging conditions.

Aerial Survey Optimization: Engineered with aerial surveying in mind, the MFE Fighter supports the integration of advanced imaging systems and sensors. This capability facilitates the capture of detailed, high-resolution photographs and data, critical for applications such as geographic mapping, infrastructure inspection, and environmental monitoring, delivering exceptional utility for professional and research applications.

FPV Ready: The aircraft is designed to accommodate first-person view (FPV) systems, providing pilots with an immersive flying experience. This feature is invaluable for precise navigation and exploration, allowing operators to see exactly what the drone sees, enhancing control for intricate flight paths and close-proximity operations.

Efficient Power System: Optimized for efficiency, the MFE Fighter’s power system delivers robust thrust for both VTOL and forward flight modes. This ensures sustained high performance throughout its missions, providing a balance of power and efficiency that extends operational capabilities and flight duration.

Modular Design: Featuring a modular construction, the MFE Fighter allows for straightforward assembly and customization. This flexibility not only simplifies maintenance and upgrades but also empowers enthusiasts and professionals to tailor the aircraft to specific operational requirements or integrate new technologies as they become available.

Portable and Transportable: Despite its considerable size, the MFE Fighter’s design includes practical solutions for portability and transportation. Its wings and components can be easily disassembled, facilitating compact storage and convenient transport to and from field operations, making it an ideal choice for projects requiring mobility and flexibility.

Advanced Control System: Compatible with sophisticated remote control and autopilot systems, the MFE Fighter offers a range of control options from fully manual to completely autonomous flight. This versatility allows operators to select the optimal flight mode for each mission, ensuring precise control and operational efficiency across a variety of tasks.

High-Speed Performance: Engineered for agility and speed, the MFE Fighter is capable of rapid flight, enabling it to quickly cover large areas, respond swiftly in fast-paced scenarios, and execute dynamic aerial maneuvers. This high-speed capability is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive surveys, rapid response missions, and when capturing high-energy footage.

Weather-Resilient Features: Designed to perform under a broad spectrum of weather conditions, the MFE Fighter maintains reliable operation and consistent data collection capabilities, even in less-than-ideal atmospheric conditions. This resilience ensures that the aircraft can be deployed in a variety of climates, offering uninterrupted service and versatility.

Long-Endurance Flights: Thanks to its capacity for high-capacity battery configurations, the MFE Fighter achieves extended flight times beyond the reach of many comparable models. This endurance is crucial for comprehensive area surveys, in-depth inspections, and prolonged monitoring tasks, minimizing downtime and maximizing aerial coverage.

The MFE Fighter 2430mm Wingspan Compound Wing EPO VTOL Aerial Survey FPV RC Airplane KIT emerges as a formidable solution for those seeking an advanced, versatile, and high-performance VTOL aircraft. Its extensive features provide a solid foundation for a wide range of professional, research, and recreational applications, making it a valuable asset in any aerial operator’s fleet.



Brand Name: MFE

Item Name: Fighter

Material: EPO,EVA,carbon fiber,PC,engineering plastics and etc.

Wingspan: 2430mm

Fuselage Length: 1450mm

Fuselage Height: 180mm

Wing Area: 72.5dm²

Suggested Flight Speed: 17~20m/s

Stalling Speed: 10m/s

Maximum Payload: 1.5kg

Payload Cabin Size: 280*160*110mm

Longest Flight Range: >150km(600g load)

Max. Take-off Weight: 11.5kg

Practical Ceiling Height: 4000m

Wind Resistance: 5

Take-off and Landing Approach: VTOL

Dismounting Way: Tool-free

Transport Case Size: 1.25mx0.34mx0.49m

CG: Under the raised position of fuselage hook and the wing root plastic(same position)

Included in The Box

1x MFE Fighter 2430mm Wingspan Compound Wing EPO VTOL Aerial Survey FPV RC Airplane KIT
1x Cruise 5015 Disc Motor
1x 60A Brushless ESC
1x Cruise Propeller APC2013
4x VTOL 5015 Disc Motor
4x 40A Brushless ESC
2x VTOL Propeller CW&CCW 2070
5x Fixed-wing Servo 3054
1x BEC 5V10A
2x Wing Wiring Board
1x Wire package


  1. What is VTOL, and why is it significant for the MFE Fighter?
    VTOL stands for Vertical Take-Off and Landing, a feature that allows the MFE Fighter to launch and land vertically, much like a helicopter. This capability eliminates the need for runways, enabling deployment in diverse environments and significantly enhancing the aircraft’s versatility for various missions.
  2. How does the compound wing design benefit the MFE Fighter?
    The compound wing design of the MFE Fighter provides superior aerodynamic efficiency and flight stability. This translates to enhanced performance during long-duration missions, higher altitudes, and ensures precise maneuverability and control, crucial for aerial surveys and FPV flying.
  3. What materials are used in the construction of the MFE Fighter?
    The MFE Fighter is constructed from high-quality EPO foam, known for its durability, resilience to impacts, and lightweight properties. This makes the aircraft not only robust and reliable for extensive use but also repairs friendly.
  4. Can the MFE Fighter be used for professional aerial surveys?
    Yes, the MFE Fighter is optimized for aerial surveys, supporting advanced camera systems and sensors to capture high-resolution images and data. This makes it ideal for geographic mapping, infrastructure inspections, and environmental monitoring.
  5. Is the MFE Fighter suitable for FPV flying?
    Absolutely, the MFE Fighter is designed to accommodate FPV gear, offering pilots an immersive first-person view experience. This feature is invaluable for precise navigation, exploration, and enjoying a unique flying perspective.
  6. What type of power system does the MFE Fighter use?
    The MFE Fighter is designed to utilize efficient power systems, providing ample thrust for both VTOL operations and sustained forward flight. This ensures optimal performance and endurance for various missions.
  7. How does the modular design of the MFE Fighter enhance its usability?
    The modular design allows for easy assembly, maintenance, and customization. Operators can quickly adapt the aircraft to different mission needs, upgrade components, or conduct repairs, extending the service life of the drone.
  8. Is the MFE Fighter easy to transport?
    Yes, despite its large wingspan, the MFE Fighter features a portable design. Its wings and components can be disassembled for compact storage and easy transportation, making it convenient for field operations.
  9. What control systems are compatible with the MFE Fighter?
    The MFE Fighter is compatible with advanced RC systems and autopilots, offering a range from manual control to fully autonomous flight. This flexibility allows operators to tailor the flight experience to their specific mission requirements.
  10. How does the MFE Fighter perform in adverse weather conditions?
    Designed to be weather-resilient, the MFE Fighter can operate reliably in a variety of conditions, including wind and light rain. This all-weather capability ensures consistent performance and operational continuity across different climates and conditions.

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