BESTOR USB Condenser Gaming Microphone with RGB Lighting, Adjustable Tripod for PC

  • Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: [Insert Frequency Range] Hz
  • Sampling Rate: [Insert Sampling Rate] kHz
  • Bit Depth: [Insert Bit Depth] bits
  • Sensitivity: [Insert Sensitivity] dB
  • Impedance: [Insert Impedance] ohms
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: [Insert SNR] dB

999.00 1,799.00

  • 1 Year warranty
  • 14-Days Return & Refund
  • Free Delivery

USB Condenser Gaming Mic

The BESTOR USB Condenser Gaming Microphone is a microphone of exceptionally high quality that was developed with the needs of gamers, broadcasters, and content makers in mind. It boasts audio capture that is crisp and clear, a USB connection that is plug-and-play, as well as features that are geared to enhance the experience of gaming and streaming.

With a condenser capsule and a cardioid polar pattern, this microphone precisely catches your voice, resulting in crystal-clear audio for in-game conversations and live commentary.

Plug-and-Play Ease: Setup is simple with a simply USB connection. Due to its compatibility with both Windows and Mac, you may start playing games and creating content straight away.

The cardioid polar pattern is ideal for gamers since it concentrates on your voice, cutting down on background noise and guaranteeing that your teammates can clearly hear you during hard gaming sessions.

Enhance your streaming skills with studio-quality audio to stream with confidence. Your audience will value the high-quality sound whether you are streaming live on Twitch, YouTube, or any other site.

Adjustable Stand: You can select the ideal microphone position for your setup using the provided desktop stand, which ensures comfort and convenience during prolonged gaming or streaming sessions.

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  1. Plug-and-Play Convenience:
    • Easy setup with a USB connection; compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
  2. Cardioid Polar Pattern:
    • Captures sound from the front while minimizing background noise for focused and immersive gaming audio.
  3. High-Quality Sound:
    • Delivers clear and detailed audio with a wide frequency response range, ideal for in-game communication and streaming commentary.
  4. Adjustable Stand:
    • Includes an adjustable desktop stand for flexible microphone positioning.
  5. Mute Function:
    • Features a convenient mute button for quick audio control during gaming sessions.
  6. Zero-Latency Monitoring:
    • Equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack for real-time audio monitoring without delays.
  7. Durable Build:
    • Constructed with high-quality materials to withstand gaming and streaming sessions.
  8. Versatile Applications:
    • Perfect for in-game communication, streaming, recording voiceovers, podcasts, and more.
  9. Broad Software Compatibility:
    • Works seamlessly with popular gaming platforms, streaming software, and voice chat applications.
  10. Compact and Portable Design:
    • Compact and lightweight for easy transport and setup in various gaming environments.
  11. Plug-and-Play Setup:
    • No additional drivers or software required; ready to use right out of the box.
  12. Warranty Included:
    • Often backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for customer peace of mind and support.

Dimensions (Microphone):

  • Length: inches/cm
  • Diameter: inches/cm
  • Weight: ounces/grams

Package Contents:

  • USB Condenser Gaming Microphone
  • Adjustable Desktop Stand
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card (if applicable)

System Requirements:

  • Compatible with standard USB ports and popular gaming and streaming platforms.

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