1/10 Scale Electric 4WD FAZER Mk2 FZ02L RTR Dodge Charger 1970 Hemi Orange

35,333 inc. GST

  • Updated design shaft drive full-time 4WD touring chassis (FZ02L).
  • Factory-assembled Readyset package only requires 4 x AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter, and battery with charger for the chassis.
  • Comes with the new powerful 550 size 14T brushed motor(G14L). The long can with Steel ring and internal cooling fan provides efficient torque and high speeds.
  • Equipped with 2-bevel grease-filled gear diffs on front and rear.
  • Large sized dog bones and cup joints provide excellent reliability and durability.
  • Strap battery mounting allows for various battery types to be used.
  • Full ball bearings equipped throughout the drive system.

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1/10 Scale Electric 4WD FAZER Mk2 FZ02L RTR Dodge Charger 1970 Hemi Orange

The 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD FAZER Mk2 FZ02L RTR Dodge Charger 1970 Hemi Orange is a stunning replica of the classic 1970 Dodge Charger, renowned for its powerful Hemi engine and striking design. This ready-to-run (RTR) model car boasts a detailed Hemi Orange finish, capturing the iconic look and feel of the original muscle car. Engineered on the FAZER Mk2 FZ02L chassis, it offers a four-wheel drive (4WD) system for superior handling and performance. This electric-powered model car is designed for both enthusiasts and collectors, providing an authentic driving experience with its robust construction and precise craftsmanship. Whether for display or racing, this model promises to deliver both speed and style, embodying the spirit of the classic American muscle car.

Authentic Scale Replica: Precision-crafted to mimic the iconic 1970 Dodge Charger in Hemi Orange, ensuring a high level of detail and authenticity in design. The model accurately represents the muscle car’s aesthetics, from its distinct body shape to the vibrant Hemi Orange color that captures the spirit and allure of the era.

Ready-to-Run (RTR): This model comes fully assembled and ready to hit the road straight out of the box, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. It eliminates the need for initial assembly, providing immediate enjoyment and a hassle-free introduction to the hobby of model car racing.

Electric 4WD System: Equipped with a powerful electric motor and a four-wheel-drive system, it delivers impressive speed and handling on various surfaces. The 4WD system ensures optimal traction and stability, enabling the car to tackle different racing conditions with ease, from asphalt tracks to off-road terrains.

FAZER Mk2 FZ02L Chassis: The vehicle is built on the durable and versatile FAZER Mk2 FZ02L chassis, known for its excellent performance and handling characteristics. This chassis design is engineered for a perfect balance of speed and agility, making it capable of high-performance maneuvers and precise control at high speeds.

Fully Independent Suspension: Features a fully independent suspension system, allowing for precise control and stability at high speeds. The suspension is adjustable, offering enthusiasts the ability to fine-tune the car’s handling to suit various racing conditions and preferences, ensuring a customized driving experience.

High-Torque Steering Servo: A high-torque steering servo ensures responsive and accurate steering, enhancing the driving experience. This component is critical for navigating tight corners and making swift adjustments during races, providing drivers with the confidence to push the car to its limits.

Adjustable Slipper Clutch: Comes with an adjustable slipper clutch to protect the drivetrain from shocks and to provide better traction control. This feature is particularly useful in preventing wheel spin and loss of control on slippery or uneven surfaces, thereby improving the overall performance and durability of the vehicle.

Scale Wheels and Tires: Fitted with scale replica wheels and high-grip tires, mirroring the look and performance of the original car’s tires. These components are designed not only to enhance the model’s aesthetic appeal but also to provide superior grip and handling, allowing for impressive acceleration and maneuverability.

Detailed Interior and Exterior: The model boasts a meticulously detailed interior and exterior, including realistic front and rear lights, a detailed dashboard, and chrome accents. Every aspect of the car, from the detailed driver’s cockpit to the authentic body styling, is designed to offer a visually stunning representation of the Dodge Charger.

Durable Polycarbonate Body: The body is made from durable polycarbonate, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of racing and handling. This material is chosen for its excellent balance of strength and flexibility, providing resilience against impacts and wear while maintaining the car’s sleek appearance.

2.4GHz Radio System: Includes a 2.4GHz radio system for interference-free control, allowing for multiple cars to be driven in the same area without signal crossover. This advanced radio technology ensures a reliable connection between the transmitter and receiver, offering precise control over long distances and in crowded environments.

Scale Accessories: Comes with additional scale accessories to enhance its realistic appearance, including side mirrors, exhaust pipes, and decals. These accessories add an extra layer of realism to the model, allowing enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in the experience of owning and operating a classic muscle car.

Battery and Charger Included: A compatible battery and charger are included, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started. This convenience means that racers can begin enjoying their model car right away, without the need for additional purchases or preparations. The included battery is designed to provide long-lasting power, ensuring extended playtime and enjoyment.



■Length 507mm
■Width 195mm(Body width:210mm)
■Wheelbase 274mm
■Tread (F/R) F:167mm/R:167mm
■Tires (F/R) F:φ64×27.7mm/R:φ64×27.7mm
■Gear Ratio 6.54:1
■Weight  1650g (approx.)
■R/C system      Syncro KT-231P+
■Motor      G14L


●4 x AA batteries for transmitter
●Battery for chassis (recommended: 7.2V Ni-MH battery)
●Charger for battery for chassis

In The Box


●Completed chassis with R/C radio installed
●Factory assembled body complete with color scheme
●Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
●Installed 60A waterproof electronic speed controller (forward/brake/reverse)
●+5mm off-set wheel hub (for 200mm width chassis), M4 x 22 wheel screw
●Hexagonal wrench

FAQs for 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD FAZER Mk2 FZ02L RTR Dodge Charger 1970 Hemi Orange

  1. What scale is the FAZER Mk2 FZ02L RTR Dodge Charger 1970 Hemi Orange?
    • It is a 1/10 scale model, offering a detailed and proportional replica of the original 1970 Dodge Charger.
  2. Is the model ready to run out of the box?
    • Yes, it’s a Ready-to-Run (RTR) model, which means it comes fully assembled with everything you need to start driving immediately.
  3. What type of drive system does this model have?
    • This model is equipped with a four-wheel-drive (4WD) system, providing superior handling and traction on various surfaces.
  4. What chassis is the model based on?
    • It is built on the FAZER Mk2 FZ02L chassis, known for its durability and performance.
  5. Does the model come with a suspension system?
    • Yes, it features a fully independent suspension system, allowing for adjustable handling to suit different racing conditions.
  6. What type of steering servo does it have?
    • The model includes a high-torque steering servo, ensuring responsive and precise steering control.
  7. Can the slipper clutch be adjusted?
    • Yes, the slipper clutch is adjustable, allowing for improved traction control and protection of the drivetrain from shocks.
  8. Are the wheels and tires true to the original car’s design?
    • Yes, the wheels and tires are scale replicas of the original 1970 Dodge Charger’s, enhancing both the model’s aesthetic and its performance.
  9. How detailed is the model’s interior and exterior?
    • The model boasts a highly detailed interior and exterior, complete with realistic lights, a detailed dashboard, and chrome accents, offering a faithful representation of the classic muscle car.
  10. What is included with the model? Do I need to purchase anything separately?
    • The model comes with everything needed to get started, including a battery and charger. No additional purchases are necessary to begin driving, making it a convenient option for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

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