GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini Action Camera with Hyper Smooth 5.0 Stabilization


  • GP2 Processor
  • 1/1.9 inch CMOS Sensor
  • 27.6 MP
  • 1.39 cm Display
  • 1500mAh Enduro Battery
  • Automatic Highlight Videos
  • One Button Simplicity
  • 5.3K60, 4K120 Video
  • HyperSmooth 5.0 Stabilization
  • Dual Built-in Mounting Fingers
  • Waterproof Upto 10 meter
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GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini Action Camera

Smaller. Simpler. Full performance.

Get incredible HERO11 Black video performance in a smaller, lighter, simpler design. HERO11 Black Mini’s smaller size makes it more comfortable to wear when capturing point-of-view footage, and dual mounting fingers boost your body and helmet mounting options. A tough outer shell takes legendary GoPro durability to a whole new level. It features the same larger image sensor that lets you share vertical shots to social media with ease, and you’ll get incredible highlight videos sent to your phone automatically.

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini Action Camera
GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini Action Camera

Small, Light + Simple

You’ll get unreal point-of-view footage from a camera that’s more comfortable to wear and easier to attach to gear.

Dual-Mounting Fingers

Dual-mounting fingers on the bottom and rear of the camera give you more options for the perfect low-profile setup.

1-Button Simplicity

HERO11 Black Mini has the same incredible video performance as our flagship camera, but it’s even easier to use. Just point and shoot, and you’ll record stunning 5.3K video—our highest resolution. You can stay present in the moment while capturing, and can always adjust video settings later in the Quik app.

Tougher Than Ever

HERO11 Black Mini is entirely wrapped in a tough outer shell, making this one of the most durable GoPros in history.

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini Action Camera

Longer lasting battery is built-in.

Enduro battery technology is built-in, which dramatically improves cold-weather performance while boosting runtimes in moderate temps.

Emmy Award-Winning Video Stabilization

HypercSmooth 5.0 raises the bar for in-camera video stabilization, giving you impossibly smooth footage no matter how rough it gets.

Auto Boost

With Hyper Smooth 5.0, HERO11 Black Mini automatically determines the level of video stabilization you need based on your speed and movement for the smoothest, widest shots possible.

Built-in Horizon Lock

Your horizon will stay level even if the camera tilts while recording. And now that Horizon Lock is a built-in part of HyperSmooth 5.0, it’s easier than ever to keep the horizon steady and consistent when your camera rotates a full 360°.

Cinematic 5.3K. 24.7 megapixels. 1 billion colors.

HERO11 Black Mini makes capturing unbelievable image quality super simple. Get a professional look for everything you shoot with 5.3K video at 60FPS. And you can share your high-res videos to social media with ease.



  • Sports and Action Camera
  • 133 g


  • CMOS
  • 16.6 MP Resolution
  • 5.3K @ 30 fps
  • ISO 800


Digital Lenses
24.4 Focal Length



2.27 in Display

320 dots


  • 1/8 to 30 Seconds in Photo Mode, 1/30 to 1/480 Seconds in Video Mode Max Shutter Speed
  • Burst Mode, Hdr Shooting Mode


  • Wifi, Bluetooth
  • Usb Type
  • Microphone


  • Lithium-ion
  • 1500 mAh

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini

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