Hurom HP Series Compact Size Cold Press Juicer


  • 43 rotations per minute
  • 5 years warranty
  • Double-edged auger
  • Fine strainer for hard fruits and vegetables
  • Coarse strainer For smoothies or thicker juices

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Hurom HP Series Compact Size Cold Press Juicer

Compact in size, full of power. Hurom HP Series can fit in even the smallest kitchen. Featuring 2nd generation squeezing technology, twin winged ultra-strong auger, unique design and powerful 150 watts AC motor makes HP Series a must-have appliance for every juice lover.

Squeezing the Nutrients out of Nature

43 RPM is the key to minimizing nutrient loss due to exposure to oxygen and frictional heat, as it allows the juicer to effectively press the ingredients at low rotational speeds

Fine and Coarse Strainer

The fine and coarse strainer features a 0.3-millimeter mesh grid, which effectively filters out nearly all solid particles to create juices with a soft, velvety texture. The external and internal sizes of the fine strainer are different, which facilitates the straining process when liquid passes through the fine mesh. It is also made of durable polyetherimide (PEI) and high-strength stainless steel, allowing it to effectively endure the high pressures inside the chamber

Safety is Hurom’s first priority

Insert the screw in any angel and simply press to finish assembly with the new bottom structure.

Even easier disassemble the chamber after juice extraction! Convenient Assembly and Disassembly

Easy to Clean

During juicing, the inner spinning brush rotates to clean the chamber and strainer simultaneously, reducing clogging and increasing juicing efficiency. The HP can also be quickly disassembled and assembled, making cleaning a breeze

2nd Generation Chamber

The 2nd generation has two wings to help pull ingredients down to gently squeeze and press ingredients two times slower than the First generation, enriching natural flavor and nutrition

A Cutting-Edge AC Motor that is Quiet yet Strong

Hurom’s alternating current (AC) motor is known for its low noise and vibration levels, allowing you to make juice in a noise-free environment. Another thing it is known for is its high durability, which ensures the long lifespan of Hurom juicers


Technology 2nd Generation Technology
Model HP
Rotation Speed Auger – 43 resolutions per minute
Bowl Capacity 350 ml
Power Consumption 150 Watts
Voltage 220-240 V A/C
Weight 5.3 Kgs
Material Auger – Ultem Plastic
Strainer – Ultem Plastic & Stainless Steel
Chamber – Tritan Plastic
Body – ABS Plastic
Hopper – ABS Plastic
Dimensions 19.2 (W) x 17.6 (D) x 39.4 (H) CM
Cord length 1.4 M
Standard usage time Less than 30 minutes continuously
In the Box Juicer unit, Fine Strainer, Coarse Strainer, Pusher, Juice Container, Pulp Container, Cleaning Brush, User Manual, Recipe Book

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