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Protect Yourself with Proven Self-Defence Gadgets.

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Minimise The Risk Just By Being Aware & Equipped !

SOS GPS Devices

Send immediate SOS signal to family & friends with current location and two-way calling facility. Live tracking on mobile app and web. Alerts and Geo-fence keeps you updated.

Safety torches

Generates electric shock to stun the attacker and help you get the time to escape the scene. Non-lethal and Powerful electric shock can paralyse a person for upto 3-5 minutes.

Personal Safety Alarms

Raises continuous loud siren to scare the attacker and to raise help signal. Helpful in medical emergency & animal attacks. These devices can be carried anywhere. Best for girl safety

Sel defence Sprays

Use the world famous self-defence gadget to incapacitate multiple attackers from a distance upto 10 ft. Its strong irritant nature works on person of any size or weight.


Starting From ₹319/- Only

Xboom Advanced Pepper Spray

Ultra Strong Irritant.

Advance Pepper Spray for self-defence

199 inc. GSTAdd to cart

my buddy Personal Safety Alarm

Multi-Action Personal safety Device

mybuddy emergency alert

Bling Safety Torch With Flashlight

Tested and Proven Effects.

Bling self defence flashlight

1,200 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Qbit Mini Gps Tracker With SOS

Tiny but Very Useful Tracking & SOS device.

QBIT GPS Tracker

Your Attackers.

Self-defense gadgets that give you an edge.

Carry Confidence

Face Any Situation Knowing You Are Prepared

Self-Defence Gadgets Starting From ₹118/- Only

Your Greatest
Outdoor Companion

Panic Alarms & SOS Devices Starting From ₹220/- Only

Panic Alarms

Raise help signal to attract nearby people

SOS Device

Emergency alert and call to close contacts

When Do You Need Personal Safety Gadgets & Why?

Traveling Solo

The Thrill Of Traveling Solo Can Often Be Overpowered By The Uncertainty And Fear Of Traveling To A New Place By Yourself. Devices Like Stun Guns & Pepperspay Can Help You Ensure That You Will Be Better Prepared To Deal With Any Undesirable Elements That You May Encounter.


Unleash The Explorer Within You And Never Fear Heading Out Into Unfamiliar Territory. Keep Yourself Prepared And Equipped With Personal Safety Gadgets. The Right Tools & Knowledge Can Make The Difference Between Life And Death In Dangerous Situations While At  Secluded Trekking Paths.

Animal Attacks

Animal Attacks Are A Very Common Occurrence, Whether You Are Out Exploring The Wilderness Or Wandering The Streets Of The City. Wild/Stray Dogs And Other Similar Animal Can Pose A Significant Threat To Your Safety. Animals Are Very Unpredictable Beings And Will Attack If They Feel Threatened.

Isolated Highways

More Often Than Not, All Travellers Find Themselves On An Empty Highway. Roads Like These Leave You More Vulnerable To Highway Thugs, Muggings, And Even Threat To Your Life. Carrying Personal Safety Gadgets Can Help You Significantly In Getting Out Of Such A Situation Without Putting Yourself At Risk.

 Public Transport

Railway Stations And Bus Terminals Can Be A Dangerous Place To Find Yourself At Night. You Never Know What Could Be Waiting For you Around The Corner, So Take Your Safety Into Your Hands With Self-Defence Gadgets That Can Help Make A Difference In A Life-Threatening Situation.

Taxi Services

Have You Ever Felt Unsafe While Travelling In A Cab? Despite Regulatory Changes Made By Large Cab Aggregators Such As The Emergency Button And Tracking, Instances Of Drivers Misbehaving/Harassing Customers Late At Night Are Still Happening. Ensure Your Safety By Carrying Personal Safety Gadgets. It also ensures women’s safety in the workplace.

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