Bling – Lipstick Stun Gun cum Flashlight – 3.8 Million volts – Especially for women safety

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Bling is our signature 2-in-1 self defence product designed especially for women. Don’t be fooled by its compact size – Bling packs a powerful, non-lethal electric pulse that incapacitates an attacker in their tracks. As an added bonus, it also houses a flash torch.

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Bling is a beautifully designed close-proximity self defence gadget that uses high-voltage non-lethal electric pulses of 3.8 million volts, to stop an attacker in their tracks. A shock of mere milliseconds is more than enough to incapacitate the average attacker.


Product Details

  • Bling gives and Instantaneous effect when made contact with the body.
  • It’s Compact design makes it easily transportable – at a height of 11cm, it’ll fit right into your everyday bag with no difficulty!
  • The shiny design and plating on the outside will conceal that it is a self defence device at a first glance, giving you the element of surprise.
  • Boasts a standby battery backup of 30 hours and is rechargeable.
  • A fully charged stun gun can generate up to 50 electric shock pulses.
  • The flashlight is powerful and can be used independently as a source of light.


BLING – Lipstick Stun gun cum Flashlight

Benefits of equipping oneself with stun gun

Buys you more time to escape the site and get the help.

No need to get in fight and cause the collateral damage.

Gives you power to handle multiple attackers.

The effects last for upto 5 mins,  leaving no permanent damage.



Additional information

Weight60 g
Dimensions2.3 × 2.3 × 11 cm

6 reviews for Bling – Lipstick Stun Gun cum Flashlight – 3.8 Million volts – Especially for women safety

  1. Sneha goswami

    A wonderful product. The torch is very bright, kind of almost blinding and the crackle of a teaser is really frightening

  2. Harshit chada

    Satisfactory product. The flashlight is good, hope to use bling

  3. Sanjay kapoor

    The device is as promised, has no flaws, quality is awesome and overall 5 stars rating for best quality and given the price range.

  4. Manju Prasad

    Awesome product. It is very helpful for safety purpose

  5. Imran khan

    Worth buying this product .torch light is bright and charge stays for a long time.

  6. Indira

    This product has torch as well as stun gun which helps you to escape and attack the abuser. Good-quality as well as moderate price.

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