Star Tracker 127/900 EQ Reflector

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  • Most beginner telescopes only offer very basic visuals, but the STARTRACKER 127/900 Telescope offers high quality visuals that are bright and sharp.
  • Thanks to the all-glass optical components, you will be able to see to the tiniest details of the celestial objects.
  • High-transmission KELLNER grade Eyepieces further enhance brightness and clarity.
  • Night viewing requires the telescope to gather as much light as possible to improvise the visuals.
  • The 127mm Telescope has a wide aperture that makes this possible.
  • It may be popular as a beginner’s telescope, but the STARTRACKER 127/900 EQ telescope will keep you occupied for a long time.

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Star Tracker 127/900 EQ Reflector

The Star Tracker 127/900 is a superb telescope to begin your journey in Astronomy. Astronomy is quite an intriguing science and if you wish to introduce someone to it, then gift them the STARTRACKER 127/900 EQ Telescope.

Furthermore, this gives beginners an ideal tool to play around with and get acquainted with the skies. In addition, it’s compact and lightweight and can easily be carried in a padded carry bag manufactured be us here in INDIA. At the same time, the STARTRACKER 127/900 EQ Telescope has enough scope to keep you hooked to the celestial bodies.

Simply place the STARTRACKER 127/900 EQ Telescope at a convenient location and enjoy instant star gazing. The STARTRACKER 127mm Telescope contains high quality Kellner Eyepieces to give you a spectacular performance at a low price. It has a sturdy equatorial mount that helps track objects in the celestial sphere.

Additionally, it includes THREE Eyepieces; one is a 25 mm Kellner Eyepiece that offers 36x magnification, 10 mm Kellner Eyepiece that offers 90x magnification while the other is an SR 4 mm eyepiece that offers 225x magnification. Add a 2x Barlow lens to this and you can double the magnification of all three Eyepieces.


Optical Design
Newtonian Reflector
Focal Length 900mm
Secondary Mirror Diameter —–
Focal Ratio F/ 7
Highest Practical Power 300x
Faintest Steller Magnitude 13
Resolving Power
0.9 Arc – Seconds.
Focuser diameter RACK-AND-PINION Focuser 1.25″.
Eyepiece 1.25″OD
1) K-25mm efl, 2) K-10mm efl, 3) SR 4mm
Magnification with eyepiece 36x, 90x and 225x
2x Barlow lens K-25mm: 40X
K-10mm: 100X
SR-4mm: 450X
1.5x erecting lens 54x, 150x and 337.5x
Filter Moon Filter 1.25″
Mount type
Slow-motion Control RA & DEC
Accessories Tray No-Tool Tray with Eyepiece holder
Tube Weight 3 kg
Tube dimension 15cm Dia, x 87cm length
Shipping Weight
Within 15 Kg
Shipping Carton Dimension 95 x 38 x 25.5 cm3


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