Dyson Solarcycle Morp Desk Light

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  • The Dyson Solarcycle Morp Desk Light uses solar energy for energy-efficient lighting.
  • Modern and Sleek Design: Dyson’s modern design enhances style and functionality in any workstation.
  • This desk light’s adaptive lighting technology adjusts its brightness and color temperature to provide comfortable lighting for any task.
  • 360° Ambient Glow: The Morp Desk Light delivers a lush, immersive lighting experience with its 360° ambient glow.
  • The desk lamp’s daylight sensor optimizes energy use by responding to natural light.
    Wireless Control: Use a smartphone app or compatible device to customize lighting settings with wireless connectivity.
  • Solar power extends the Morp Desk Light’s battery life, decreasing the need for regular recharge.

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Solarcycle Morp Desk Light

Blending contemporary utility with an eco-friendly design, the Dyson Solarcycle Morp Desk Light is a shining example of ingenuity. It provides environmentally conscious efficiency to your workstation with its solar-powered power. Dyson’s modern design elevates both appearance and efficiency, fitting in perfectly with any work configuration. With its adaptive lighting technology, this desk light can dynamically modify brightness and color temperature to provide a comfortable and customized lighting experience. It offers both style and substance with its integrated daylight sensor and 360° ambient glow. With wireless connectivity, customization options are endless and management through a smartphone app is simple and intuitive. The robust and effective Morp Desk Light personifies Dyson’s dedication to environmentally friendly lighting options. The Dyson Solarcycle Morp Desk Light will give your desk responsible lighting.

Task light

Focused, powerful light. Engineered to help reduce eye strain.

Indirect light

Rotate the optical head, for soft background light or enhancing the sense of space.

Feature light

High-quality light for showcasing art and decorative features.

Ambient light

Stem lights up to create a relaxing environment, with reduced blue light.

Controlled by the MyDyson™ app

Adjust light for your age, task, mood and time of day.

Magnetic touch-glide docking

The optical head seals to the stem to create a comforting orange glow.



Style Modern
Brand Dyson
Color White / Silver
Product Dimensions 16.31″D x 7.88″W x 20.59″H
Special Feature Adjustable Color Temperature

About this item

  • UK Specification – Compatible with USA and Rest of the World
  • Key features: Task light, Indirect light, Feature light, Ambient light, Magnetic touch-glide docking, Controlled by the Dyson Link app
  • 100v-240v input voltage
  • LED light source, 2700-6500 K colour temperature, 78 degrees beam angle, 850 lm light output
  • Dimensions (HxLxW): 523 x 414.4 x 200.2 mm | Weight: 3.5 kg


– Dimensions (HxLxW): 523 x 414.4 x 200.2 mm
– Weight: 3.5 kg
– Colour temperature: 2700-6500 K
– Light source: LED
– CRI: 90 MIN
– Rated power: 11.2 W
– Luminous efficacy: 75 l/W
– LED life time: 181,000 hrs
– Electrical class: Class III
– Light output ratio: 80 Percent
– Standby power consumption: <0.5 W
– Input voltage: 100-240 Voltage
– Beam angle: 78 degrees
– R9: 48 MIN
– Frequency: 50/60 hz
– Colour temperature docked: 1800-3400 K
– Colour temperature undocked: 2700-6500 K
– Light output: 850 lm
– Average Lux Level: 1,546 lx
– Flicker: <1 Percent

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