Insta360 X4 – Sports and Action Camera

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  • For Content Creators and Videographers
  • 8K30/5.7K60 360°Cinematic H.265 Video
  • 360° Post Reframing, Longer Runtime
  • Rugged Design, Removable Lens Guards
  • Gesture Control, Dual/Single Lens Modes
  • 5.7K120 Bullet Time, 11K Time-Lapse
  • FlowState Stabilization, Horizon Lock
  • 33′ Waterproof, 72MP Photos
  • App with Edit Suite and Effects
  • Invisible Selfie Stick Feature

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Insta360 X4

8K Waterproof 360 Action Camera, 4K Wide-Angle Video, Invisible Selfie Stick, Removable Lens Guards, 135 Min Battery Life, AI Editing, Stabilization, for Sports, Travel, Outdoor

Explore cinematic possibilities with the Insta360 X4 360° 8K Camera, a compact and versatile device for capturing high-resolution 8K30 360° videos. This camera can operate in both dual or single-lens modes, making it perfect for any setting. It features an action-oriented, rugged design that’s waterproof up to 33 feet and includes removable lens guards. Its powerful AI-driven software simplifies the creation of engaging content, ideal for dynamic environments. Additionally, the X4 supports 5K120 “Bullet Time” and 11K time-lapse filming. It boasts a robust 2290mAh battery, offering extended runtime to keep up with adventurous shoots. This portable action camera is tailored for creators who seek flexibility and innovation in their video projects.

8K 360° CAPTURE: Experience the revolution of 8K resolution! Dive into a world where clarity astonishes and moments are relived as if for the first time. Each action frame and color streak is captured in unprecedented detail, offering a viewing experience that feels vivid and new. With 8K, every scene bursts with life, preserving your memories with unmatched precision and bringing every detail into breathtaking focus.

5.7K60FPS 360° VIDEO: Enjoy smoother, sharper visuals in every frame with an enhanced 60fps, perfect for capturing fast action sports or dynamic scenes. Experience the thrill of motion without any blur, ensuring every detail is crisp and clear. For those moments when you want to savor the action, switch to cinematic slow motion at 4K100fps. This feature allows you to explore the beauty of motion in stunning detail, making every slow-motion sequence a spectacle to behold.

REFRAMING: Discover the magic of 360º video capture where every angle is yours to choose post-recording, ensuring you never miss a moment. The Insta360 app’s AI-powered reframing tools simplify your creative process: simply hit record, and select your perfect shot later. This technology allows for seamless exploration of every perspective, offering the flexibility to capture everything around you and then find the ideal angles to tell your story, all through a user-friendly interface.

INVISIBLE SELFIE STICK: The Invisible Selfie Stick feature erases itself from your footage, allowing you to capture stunning third-person perspectives and drone-like views that other action cameras can’t achieve. Without the need for a drone, you can effortlessly record breathtaking shots that appear as if filmed from above, providing a unique, unobstructed view of your adventures. This innovative tool enhances your storytelling by enabling impossible angles and adding a professional touch to your action-packed videos.

360° ACTIVE HDR: Discover the innovative HDR video mode designed to enhance detail and provide exceptional stabilization for action sports. Active HDR enriches colors in both highlights and shadows, capturing nuances that other action cameras often overlook. This mode ensures that every move is smooth and every color pops, making it perfect for dynamic, high-motion activities. Experience your adventures in vivid detail, with enhanced stabilization that keeps your footage sharp and engaging, no matter the action.

72MP 360° PHOTO: Immerse yourself in stunning 360° imagery that demands your attention. With a remarkable 72-megapixel resolution, these photos offer unparalleled clarity and detail, capturing scenes with a depth and sharpness like never before. Every image invites you to explore a rich, panoramic view, revealing intricate textures and vibrant colors that bring your surroundings to life. Experience photography that not only captures but also captivates, turning each moment into a visually striking memory.

4K60FPS SINGLE-LENS MODE: Utilize the X4 as a conventional action camera with its Single-Lens Mode, now offering double the smoothness at 4K60fps. Elevate your perspective with the ultra-wide MaxView in FreeFrame Video, showcasing a sweeping 170° field of view at an improved 4K30fps. This versatile configuration allows you to capture expansive landscapes and dynamic action with exceptional clarity and fluid motion, enhancing your footage with both high frame rates and broad, immersive views.

ME MODE- FRONT AND CENTER FOR THIS ONE: Ensure you’re always in the spotlight! Record your adventurous moments using the Invisible Selfie Stick effect, now available in 4K30fps or 2.7K120fps. This feature allows you to capture yourself in action seamlessly, without the need for any post-shoot reframing. Whether you’re speeding down a trail or jumping from heights, the footage will look as if it’s being filmed by an unseen companion, placing you center stage in every shot.

ACTION-READY FLOWSTATE STABILIZATION UNSHAKABLE PERFORMANCE: Navigate from rugged trails to turbulent seas with the X4’s exceptional image stabilization. Equipped with FlowState Stabilization, this camera ensures your shots remain smooth and of high quality, regardless of the adventure’s intensity. This technology adapts seamlessly to any environment, providing stabilization that feels almost cinematic. Whether you’re mountain biking, surfing, or exploring wild terrains, the X4 captures each moment with precision, making your videos effortlessly smooth and engaging.

360° HORIZON LOCK:  Embrace the thrill of defying gravity, whether you’re performing flips while paragliding or experiencing the dips of a roller coaster. With advanced stabilization technology, your videos maintain a perfectly level frame throughout every twist and turn. This ensures that even in the most extreme maneuvers, your footage remains steady and clear. Dive into adrenaline-pumping adventures with confidence, knowing that each heart-racing moment will be captured flawlessly, letting you relive the excitement exactly as it happened.

REMOVABLE LENS GUARDS: Lens protection is now simpler than ever with the X4. This camera includes intelligently designed, easy-to-apply lens guards that can be removed swiftly without any fuss. These smart guards are crafted for quick adjustments, ensuring your lens stays protected from scratches and impacts during dynamic shoots. Experience hassle-free preparation and maintenance, allowing you to focus on capturing spectacular footage with peace of mind, knowing that your camera’s lenses are securely shielded at all times.

2290mAh BATTERY:  The X4 elevates its performance with a massive 2290mAh battery, providing a substantial 135 minutes of recording time at 5.7K30fps—67% more than its predecessor, the X3. This significant boost in battery life ensures you can capture extended, high-resolution footage without interruption. Power through your most demanding adventures with confidence, knowing that your camera is equipped to handle long recording sessions. The X4 lets you focus on the action like never before.

WATERPROOF TO 33FT (10M): Plunge into your next adventure with the X4, ready for action and waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) straight from the box. For deeper explorations, equip it with the Invisible Dive Case to extend its capabilities down to 164 feet (50 meters). This setup allows you to capture your underwater journeys in breathtaking 360° detail, ensuring every aquatic nuance is recorded vividly. Dive deeper and document your subaquatic adventures like never before with the X4.

NEW 2.5″ TOUCHSCREEN BIGGER AND BETTER: Absolutely, the X4 boasts an ultra-bright 2.5″ touchscreen protected by durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass, ensuring crystal clear previews of photos and videos. This robust display is built to withstand the rigors of any adventure, offering reliability and clarity in all conditions. Whether you’re navigating through menus or reviewing your latest captures, the resilient screen stands up to the elements, ready for action and designed to let you interact with your media effortlessly.

VOICE CONTROL 2.0: Experience hands-free control with just a simple command! The advanced voice control algorithm integrated into the device understands your instructions clearly, allowing you to operate it without lifting a finger. Whether you’re in the middle of an activity or your hands are just occupied, this intuitive feature ensures you can still perform key functions effortlessly. Just speak your command, and the device responds promptly, making it easier than ever to stay in the moment.

AI EDITING- QUICK EDIT REFRAMING MADE EASY: Easily direct your camera’s focus by moving your phone, swiping the screen, or using the virtual joystick to pinpoint exactly where you want in your shot. This intuitive control method simplifies the editing process, allowing you to save and share your creations instantly. It’s incredibly straightforward and undeniably cool, making it a breeze to craft the perfect scene on the fly. Enjoy seamless, user-friendly editing that turns every project into a share-ready masterpiece in moments.

DEEP TRACK 3.0: Keep your subject perfectly centered with just a single tap, whether it’s a person, animal, or any moving object. This intuitive feature simplifies the process of tracking and maintaining focus on your subject, ensuring they remain in the middle of the frame throughout the shot. With this capability, you can effortlessly capture dynamic, engaging footage without missing a beat. It’s ideal for keeping the action front and center, making every video more compelling and professionally composed.

APP BACKGROUND DOWNLOAD- TRANSFER YOUR FOOTAGE ON THE GO: With the X4, initiate a file transfer and then return to your activities; the Insta360 app takes care of the rest, notifying you with a straightforward push notification once your files have successfully arrived. This seamless process ensures you can continue capturing and enjoying your moments without interruption. The hassle-free transfer system is designed for convenience, allowing you to easily manage your media while staying engaged in the action. Effortless and efficient, it’s simplicity at its best.

INSTA360 STUDIO: Explore detailed editing with our comprehensive computer-based editing suite, designed to let you export videos in the highest possible quality. This powerful tool provides precise control over your footage, enabling intricate adjustments and enhancements. Whether refining color, stabilizing shots, or adjusting clarity, this suite makes it easy to achieve professional-grade results. Perfect for creators who demand perfection in their final output, it ensures your videos look as clear and impactful as possible.

Insta360 X4 Sports and Action Camera
Insta360 X4 Sports and Action Camera
Insta360 X4 Sports and Action Camera

New Removable Lens Guards

The X4 camera boasts a newly redesigned body equipped with removable lens guards, offering robust protection for the lenses, making it an ideal companion for fieldwork. To further enhance durability and protection, there are optional Premium lens guards available for separate purchase. These are crafted from scratch-resistant, clear tempered glass, designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while maintaining impeccable clarity. These high-quality guards can be actively used during video shoots, ensuring that your camera’s lenses are well-protected without sacrificing the quality of your footage. This design innovation allows for both durability and high performance, making the X4 a reliable choice for adventurous filmmakers.

Insta360 X4 Sports and Action Camera

8K30 360° Video

The X4 features ultra-sharp 8K resolution, which is 78% more pixels than 5.7K for more detail and greater clarity, making reframed video on par with standard camera footage for easier matching edits. Since the footage is captured with high-quality H.265 compression, the 8K files are small enough to edit using the Insta360 app or Insta360 Studio.

Insta360 X4 Sports and Action Camera

MegaView FOV

MegaView introduces a new field of view (FOV) option that enhances the processing of 360° video by reducing edge distortion, elevating overall image quality. Available in the app/Studio software, MegaView supports various aspect ratios, such as 1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 4:3, 3:4, and 2:35:1, providing flexibility and precision in how your footage is presented and viewed.

Insta360 X4 Sports and Action Camera

AI Gesture Control

The X4 now supports hand gestures to start or stop recording and take photos, ideal for group shots, noisy environments, using a selfie stick, wearing thick gloves, or in situations where voice control could be disruptive. This feature enhances usability in various scenarios, ensuring ease of use without any disturbance. Additionally, the camera offers a 5.7K120 Bullet Time capability for dynamic, high-resolution slow-motion footage.

Insta360 X4 Sports and Action Camera

Waterproof Design

The X4 camera is ready for underwater adventures, waterproof to 33 feet without needing a case. For deeper exploration, there’s an optional Invisible Dive Case, which extends its capabilities to 164 feet. This design allows you to capture stunning underwater scenes with ease, ensuring your camera is protected whether you’re snorkeling near the surface or diving into deeper waters.




Packaging Weight 0.7 kg
Packaging Dimensions 21 × 16 × 9 cm
Internal/External Stitching Internal, External Stitching
360 Stitched Video Format 7680 x 4320 at 24, 25, 30 fps
5760 x 2880 at 24, 25, 30, 60 fps
4096 x 2160 at 24, 25, 30, 50, 60, 100 fps
Image Sensor 1/2″-Type CMOS
Video Format 3840 x 2160p at 24/25/30/60 fps (200 Mb/s MP4 via H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC)
2720 x 1536p at 24/25/30/50/60 fps (200 Mb/s MP4 via H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC)
1920 x 1080p at 24/25/30/50/60 fps (200 Mb/s MP4 via H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC)
Media/Memory Card Slot Single Slot: microSD/microSDHC (UHS-I) [1 TB Maximum / U3/V30 or Faster Recommended]
Built-In Mic Yes
Mobile App Compatible Yes: Android & iOS
App Name: Insta360
Functionality: Access Stored Files, Firmware Update, Remote Control, Setup, View Live Feed
Tripod Mounting Thread 1x 1/4″-20 Female (Bottom)
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 2290 mAh
Max Runtime: 2.2 Hours per Charge
Camera Resolution 8K (Photo)
8K (Video)
Brand Insta360

Package Includes

  • Insta360 X4 360° 8K Camera
  • 2 x Standard Lens Guard
  • 2290mAh Battery
  • Thermo Grip Cover
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Protective Pouch
  • Lens Cloth

FAQs for Insta360 X4 Sports and Action Camera

What sets the Insta360 X4 8K 360 Action Camera apart from other action cameras?

The Insta360 X4 boasts stunning 8K resolution and 360-degree capture, offering unmatched versatility and immersive footage for your adventures.

What are the key features of the Insta360 X4 8K 360 Action Camera?

The Insta360 X4 features FlowState stabilization, AI-powered editing, waterproof design, and a wide range of shooting modes, making it the ultimate tool for capturing dynamic action shots.

Is the Insta360 X4 8K 360 Action Camera suitable for underwater use?

Yes, the Insta360 X4 is waterproof up to 10 meters (33 feet), allowing you to capture breathtaking underwater footage without the need for additional housing.

How does the Insta360 X4 8K 360 Action Camera handle low-light situations?

With its advanced low-light performance and HDR capabilities, the Insta360 X4 delivers stunning clarity and detail even in challenging lighting conditions, ensuring your footage looks spectacular every time.

Can I livestream with the Insta360 X4 8K 360 Action Camera?

Absolutely! The Insta360 X4 supports real-time streaming in 8K resolution, allowing you to share your adventures with friends and followers in stunning clarity and immersive 360-degree views.

What accessories are available for the Insta360 X4 8K 360 Action Camera?

Insta360 offers a wide range of accessories for the X4, including mounts, cases, and additional batteries, allowing you to customize your setup to suit your specific needs and shooting style.

Where can I purchase the Insta360 X4 8K 360 Action Camera?

You can purchase the Insta360 X4 8K 360 Action Camera from various authorized retailers. For the best deals and reliable service, consider buying from, which offers competitive prices on all products, including the DJI RS4 Gimbal Stabilizer.

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