PlayStation 5 Console ( Disc Edition )

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The PS5 console unleashes new gaming possibilities that you never anticipated.

  • Advanced ray tracing technology
  • 4K TV gaming with high-quality visuals
  • High frame rate of up to 120 fps with 120Hz output
  • HDR technology for a more immersive experience
  • 8K support for future-proof gaming.

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PS5 Console

The PlayStation 5 (Disc Edition) is a video game console developed and produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released on November 12, 2020, and is the successor to the PlayStation 4. It features a Blu-ray disc drive and is capable of playing games in 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second. The console also has a custom-built AMD Zen 2-based CPU and a custom RDNA 2-based GPU, as well as 16 GB of GDDR6 memory. It also features a new DualSense controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

The PlayStation 5 is a powerful and advanced console that offers an exceptional gaming experience. With its ultra-high-speed SSD, players can enjoy lightning-fast loading times, while the support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio* provides deeper immersion in the games. Furthermore, the console is expected to have a growing library of exclusive titles that will enhance the gaming experience. The PS5 is a top-notch console that will only get better as more games are released for it, and is a must-have for any serious gamer.

Lightning speed 

The PlayStation 5 boasts cutting-edge technology, including a custom-designed CPU, GPU, and SSD with integrated I/O, that allows for lightning-fast performance and push the boundaries of what a console is capable of. These powerful components work together to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience

Ultra-high-speed SSD

The PS5’s ultra-high-speed SSD allows for nearly instantaneous loading times for installed games, maximizing play sessions and providing a seamless gaming experience

Integrated I/O

The PS5’s custom Integrated I/O system enables game developers to access data stored on the SSD at lightning speeds, unlocking new possibilities for game design and creating an entirely new gaming experience.The PlayStation 5 allows game publishers to offer players the option to upgrade their PS4 games, whether in physical disc form or digital, to the digital PS5 version, providing a convenient and cost-effective way for players to continue their gaming journey on the next-gen console.

Upgrade PS4 games to digital PS5 games

The PS5 console gives game publishers the ability to let players upgrade their disc and digital PS4 games to digital PS5 games.

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Playstation 05

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ps5 run on hd ready tv?

Yes, for sure. PS5’s Supported resolutions are 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 2160p. It can basically run on any TV or Monitor that can use HDMI cable.

Can I play movie on it?

Yeah obviously u can play movie on it with original blue ray disc of ur movie….do not use any pirated version….it will not read….

Will the ps5 work smoothly on 60hz refresh rate tv?

It will work smoothly on 60hz refresh rate tv also.

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4 reviews for PlayStation 5 Console ( Disc Edition )

  1. Hari

    This is just a fabulous console. I find myself being rather more impressed with it than I expected. I was expecting a transition that consisted of “oh, that’s nice” but not any particular “wow” moments. That’s not what happened.
    The GUI is beautiful. Simple to navigate and, for the most part, intuitive. Separating games and media is a nice touch.
    The new PS Store is an absolute blessing. Previously I didn’t touch the PS Store on the PS4, whilst being a massive step up from the PS3 it was still a thing of utter horror. As a result, I always accessed the PS Store via my PC. No more; the PS5 PS Store is more convenient and easier.
    Getting into games is easy, smooth, and, above all, fast.
    The controller is an absolute marvel. The best way to describe it is that it is like being on a ride at Disney. The haptic feedback is absolutely tremendous.
    I’ve played a few games – mostly PS4 games that I hoped would benefit from the SSD (fortunately they did). Only one has been a PS5 game. Actually, the PS5 update to No Man’s Sky. However, this really brought home the differences between the two consoles. Frankly, playing No Man’s Sky on the PS5 was like having new eyes.
    My PC is going to struggle getting my attention for gaming for the next few months at least…
    If you are tempted to splash out on the PS5, I suggest you do it. Immediately 🙂

  2. Justin

    Wow! What a beast! After experiencing the PS5 in the flesh, I have to say I love the design. It’s big, but not too big. The attention to detail is amazing. The new controller is an absolute ergonomic and aesthetic masterpiece. Such an improvement.
    Obviously the gaming potential is yet to be unleashed, but from my current experience, you will not be disappointed!
    Great things are going to happen with this console, and I’m glad to be part of it from day one.

  3. Vishwas

    This is an absolutely fantastic console. It’s as easy to plug in and set up as you could expect, and you can get right into games.

    As the dimensions indicate, it is a large console but it isn’t as big as I was expecting from the other reviews.

    As for the performance, it is simply stunning. Astro Bots Playroom is a must play as it showcases how amazing the new controller is. You really need to play it first hand to experience it, but the controller haptics are much more refined compared to the DualShock 4’s rumble feature. The reactive triggers are far better than I imagined, and they are incredibly variable. I won’t give any spoilers but there are so many examples of how they work in Astro Bots Playroom, which also runs at 4K 60fps.

    After playing for a few hours the console remains whisper quiet and only feels warm out of the rear exhaust. The disc drive is significantly quieter than the PS4 and copying data from an external HDD was a breeze.

    Overall, this console really shows how much thought, design and effort Sony put into the PlayStation 5. I look forward to many years of awesome gaming on this.

    Anyone who likes gaming, enjoys PlayStation exclusives and is looking for a new experience needs to buy this without hesitation.

  4. Nitesh

    Sooo Happy that I finally got my hands on it!!!!

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