Portronics Buzz 5 Watts Portable Bluetooth Speaker


  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth | Memory Card
  • 5 Watts
  • Dimensions: 16.00 x 6.00 x 13.00 cms

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Portronics Buzz 5 Watts

Buzz defines new milestones for bluetooth wireless speakers with a humble wattage of 5W that exceeds audio excellence. If you want something that is both compact and powerful then this is your cue, to add Buzz to your cart! A speaker adds dimension to our listening and viewing experience by ounces, but portability definitely takes a beating. This is where a compact yet powerful speaker does the job well. And it not only solves portability issues but also is cost efficient. A TWS enabled speaker widens that range as it opens up prospects for compatibility and system-friendliness. Moreover you can connect the wireless bluetooth speaker across a range of source devices.

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And if you are a regular OTT streamer then, Buzz is going to make it a fulfilling experience every time you tune in! Micro SD cards have become a thing of an era gone by, but the relevance still holds, and with a dedicated SD card slot you can do justice to all your saved up and coveted audio tracks! Buzz can be charged up through a Type C charging port, which has become the most compatible form of port in the new gen devices! Added to this, the wireless speaker has an enhanced runtime of 6-7 hours on a single charge and it charges up in a record time of 90 minutes!! Experience portability much closely with Buzz wireless bluetooth speaker!

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Looks small but strong music – yes, we believe in it and deliver it pretty well. Now enjoy crystal clear and powerful sound with the 5W speakers of the Buzz mini speaker. Unlock the beats and tap your feet to them whenever and wherever you want.

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Like to carry your music around with you? Well, if you do, we are ready to take you to the land of portability with the Buzz portable speaker. Give yourself the chance to carry your music along wherever you go.

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Adding to your musical experience like nothing before. Now use the True Wireless Stereo function and enjoy the audio your way. Just connect the Buzz portable speaker to your device and let the music play.

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Connectivity will no longer be an issue. Now give your devices an enhanced audio system by connecting them to the Buzz through the latest Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity feature. Buzz also has a micro SD slot for playing music stored on SD cards.

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No need to be worried about your speaker’s battery dying on you while you are going at it. With the small charge time, keep the music playing for 6-7 hours with the 5W Buzz mini speaker.

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Portronics Buzz portable speaker comes in a compact design with a Type-C charging port, which makes it easy and fast to charge. Use it anywhere you want to, anytime you want to, and charge it quickly to keep the rhythm flowing.

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