Sony MHC-V13 Wireless Bluetooth


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Sony MHC-V13 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Party Speaker (Black)


The Sony MHC-V13 Wireless Bluetooth speaker is a powerful and versatile device that is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and ease of use. With its range of advanced features and sleek design, this speaker is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy high-quality audio in any setting.

One of the standout features of the Sony MHC-V13 is its wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to easily connect to your phone, tablet, or other compatible devices. This means you can play your favorite songs, podcasts, or other audio content without having to worry about cords or cables. Simply pair your device with the speaker and you’re ready to go.

In addition to its wireless capabilities, the Sony MHC-V13 also features a range of other advanced features that make it a top choice for anyone who loves high-quality audio. For example, the speaker features a powerful 100W output, which means it can easily fill a room with rich, immersive sound. Whether you’re hosting a party, watching a movie, or just listening to music, the Sony MHC-V13 has the power and clarity to deliver an exceptional audio experience.

Another great feature of the Sony MHC-V13 is its built-in FM radio tuner, which allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations without the need for an external device. This is particularly handy for those times when you want to listen to live sports broadcasts, news updates, or other programming that you can’t find on your usual streaming services.

The Sony MHC-V13 also features a range of audio customization options that allow you to fine-tune the sound to your personal preferences. For example, the speaker features an EQ function that lets you adjust the bass and treble levels to your liking. There’s also a DJ effects mode that adds a range of fun and creative sound effects to your music, such as flanger, wah, and isolator effects.

Another great feature of the Sony MHC-V13 is its compact and portable design. Despite its powerful sound output, the speaker is small enough to be easily transported from room to room or even taken on the go. This makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy high-quality audio on the move, whether you’re hosting a party in the backyard, taking a road trip, or just enjoying some tunes while you work.

Overall, the Sony MHC-V13 Wireless Bluetooth speaker is a versatile and powerful device that offers a range of advanced features and exceptional sound quality. Whether you’re looking for a speaker for your home, office, or on the go, the Sony MHC-V13 is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint. So why wait? Invest in a Sony MHC-V13 today and start enjoying high-quality audio like never before.


  • Jet Bass Booster :Feel the beat at Long distance with Jet Bass Booster
  • Speaker Light : Enjoy an authentic or festival atmosphere with speaker light
  • Karaoke/Guitar Input: Karaoke & Guitar Input to unlease your inner POP Star
  • Bluetooth & NFC connectivity :One touch wireless listening with NFC and Bluetooth
  • Music center & Fiestable App :Control music and sound settings right from your phone. Plus, the Fiestable app puts you in charge of the light colours and lets you activate DJ and karaoke modes
  • Karaoke Ranging :Find your Singing Superstar with Karaoke Ranking via Fiestable APP
  • CD Player : Now you can enjoy your favorate movies through CD playback
  • Handle : Just hold the convenient carry handle to easily move the party between rooms

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