RADBOARDS Shockwave V1

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  • Powerful Dual Motors: For steep climbs and swift acceleration.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: More adventure, less charging.
  • Futuristic LED Lighting: Visibility and style for night rides.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Stream music on the go.
  • UL Safety Certified: Ensures peace of mind.
  • Easy Self-Balancing: Accessible to all skill levels.
  • App-Controlled LED Customization: Personalize your ride’s look.
  • Smart Connectivity: App for tracking and settings.
  • Splash-Resistant: Ready for wet conditions.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Easy to carry and store.
  • Anti-Slip Pads: Secure and comfortable footing.
  • Eco-Friendly Travel: A greener way to move.


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RADBOARDS Shockwave V1

Embark on an electrifying ride with the RADBOARDS Shockwave V1, the ultimate hoverboard designed to redefine your urban adventures. This state-of-the-art hoverboard combines cutting-edge technology with robust performance, ensuring an exhilarating yet stable ride. Equipped with dynamic LED lights for enhanced visibility and a futuristic aesthetic, the Shockwave V1 stands out both day and night. Its powerful dual motors allow for seamless navigation through city streets, while the high-capacity battery ensures extended adventures without the need for frequent recharging. With its intuitive self-balancing technology, riders of all skill levels can confidently glide through their urban environments. Whether you’re commuting, exploring, or just seeking thrills, the RADBOARDS Shockwave V1 delivers unmatched performance and style, making every journey unforgettable.

Embark on an urban adventure with the RADBOARDS Shockwave V1, a hoverboard that’s all about merging style, performance, and innovation. Here are the key features that make it stand out:

🚀 Dynamic Dual Motors: Experience smooth, powerful propulsion with dual motors that offer rapid acceleration and the ability to climb slopes with ease, making every ride thrilling and efficient.

🔋 Extended Battery Life: The high-capacity battery not only provides a longer ride time but also ensures reliability and endurance, allowing you to explore further on a single charge.

💡 Futuristic LED Lights: Illuminate your path and make a statement with vibrant LED lights that enhance visibility and add a cool, futuristic vibe to your rides, day or night.

🎵 Bluetooth Speakers: Enjoy your favorite tunes on the go with built-in Bluetooth speakers that deliver clear, high-quality sound, easily connecting to your smartphone for an immersive riding soundtrack.

🛡️ Robust Safety Features: Equipped with UL certification for safety and durability, the Shockwave V1 includes features like overcharge protection and a fire-resistant shell, ensuring peace of mind during every ride.

🔄 Intuitive Self-Balancing Technology: Perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike, the self-balancing technology makes it easy to mount, ride, and master the hoverboard, offering stability and smooth control.

🌈 Customizable LED Patterns: Personalize your ride with customizable LED patterns and colors through the RADBOARDS app, allowing you to express your style and stand out in the crowd.

📱 Smart App Connectivity: Track your rides, monitor battery life, and access a range of settings and features through the intuitive app, enhancing your experience and control over the Shockwave V1.

💧 Water-Resistant Design: Don’t let puddles dampen your adventures. The Shockwave V1’s water-resistant design ensures durability and performance, even in wet conditions.

🎒 Portable and Lightweight: Designed for convenience, the Shockwave V1 is easy to carry and store, making it the perfect companion for daily commutes, leisure rides, or bringing along on public transportation.

👟 Anti-Slip Footpads: Ride with confidence thanks to anti-slip footpads that provide a secure grip and superior comfort, even during longer journeys or when performing tricks.

🌍 Eco-Friendly Travel: Embrace a greener way to get around. The Shockwave V1 offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional transportation, reducing your carbon footprint while keeping the fun intact.

Whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or cruising through your local park, the RADBOARDS Shockwave V1 delivers a blend of performance, safety, and style that’s hard to beat. It’s not just a hoverboard; it’s your ticket to an electrifying new way to explore your world.

RADBOARDS Shockwave V1

Designed for the rugged terrain of India!

The best option to use for traveling short distances to get to work or any other location. Hurry through the congested streets at a top speed of 25 kmph. built with a 250W hub motor that, after 2.5 hours of charging, provides a range of 15 kilometers.

RADBOARDS Shockwave V1

Proceed without difficulty!

Equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery, the Shockwave effortlessly supports riders up to 120 kg over 15-degree inclines. Its potent LED lighting ensures maximum visibility during night rides, combining strength and safety. This feature-rich hoverboard blends performance with convenience, illuminating your path to adventure, regardless of the time.

RADBOARDS Shockwave V1

Embrace a greener, healthier alternative for your short-distance travels! Opting for eco-friendly modes of transportation not only benefits the environment but also promotes personal well-being. Make a mindful choice to reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your daily commute with cleaner, sustainable options that contribute to a healthier planet.


Shockwave V1

Max Motor Power 250 Watts
Max Speed  25 km/hr
Typical Range 12km -15 km
Max. Payload 120 kgs
Max. Gradability 20 Degree
Headlights Yes
Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Tire Type Solid Rubber Tyre
Speed Modes Eco, Drive, Speed
Fast Charging Yes


  • Model: Shockwave V1
  • Color: Custom RADBOARDS Design
  • Recommended Age: 8 years and above
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 120 kg (264 lbs)


  • Top Speed: 15 km/h (9.3 mph)
  • Range: Up to 20 km (12.4 miles) on a single charge
  • Climbing Capability: Can ascend slopes up to 15 degrees
  • Motor Power: Dual motors, 350W each


  • Type: High-capacity lithium-ion
  • Capacity: 36V, 4.4Ah
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours
  • Charger: Included, with overcharge protection

Wheels and Tires:

  • Wheel Size: 6.5 inches
  • Tire Type: Durable rubber tires for all-terrain

Connectivity and Audio:

  • Bluetooth: Yes, for music streaming through built-in speakers
  • App Connectivity: Yes, for tracking and customization

Safety and Lighting:

  • LED Lights: Front and back for optimal visibility
  • Safety Standards: UL 2272 certified
  • Additional Safety Features: Overheat and short-circuit protection

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 584 x 186 x 178 mm (23 x 7.3 x 7 inches)
  • Weight: Approx. 10.5 kg (23 lbs)

Additional Features:

  • Self-Balancing Technology: For easy and safe riding
  • Water Resistance: Splash-proof body
  • Carry Handle: Integrated for easy transport

Package Contents:

  • 1x RADBOARDS Shockwave V1 Hoverboard
  • 1x AC Charging Adapter
  • 1x User Manual

FAQ’s on RADBOARDS Shockwave V1

How portable is the Shockwave V1?

The Shockwave V1 weighs just 11kg, all you have to do is flip, fold, clip and take it wherever you go.

How responsive are the brakes on Shockwave V1?

The Shockwave V1 comes with Disc Brakes and an eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system, making it suitable for busy roads and streets.

What's the top speed?

Shockwave V1 has three-speed modes Eco, Drive, and sports mode which gives a top speed of 25Kmph.

Is the Shockwave V1 waterproof?

No, it’s not waterproof but, it is suitable to be ridden in all weather conditions even in rains.

How long does it take to charge? What's the Range?

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