Marshall Minor III 25 Hours of Wireless Playtime

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  • 12 mm custom-tuned dynamic drivers
  • Intutive Touch Controls
  • Auto-Pause and Play Feature
  • 25 Hours of Wireless Playtime
  • Wireless Charging Supported
  • IPX4 Water Resistance

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Marshall Minor III

Experience Marshall’s signature sound without the clutter at the time where you meet minor iii. Enjoy 25 hours that belong to wireless playback duration, the freedom that belongs to wire-free listening, as well as excellent sound quality. Every single one you need to do happens to grab your music as well as go because these wireless earphones are going to handle every single one of the grunt work that is going to belong to you. Inside of terms that belong to headphones, Marshall heavily depends on top of its rock-and-roll heritage. The business first began producing its amps with that distinctive crunchy guitar sound in the 1960s or 1970s, as well as everything about them—from the design to the sound—harkens back to that time. With the exception of the inside of 2021, it happens to be difficult to sit back as well as relax, especially while competing with the best true wireless earbuds. 

 Marshall minor iii open-fit earbuds sound quite a decent inside, with the exception of they happen to be just an existing few too many compromises that make their price tag an existing little high.

Marshall Minor III


Without any additional baggage, minor iii gives you the unrivaled Marshall distinctive sound. Every single one you have to do to start playing happens to be pairing these headphones with your device—all the hard work happens to be already done that is going to belong to you. 
Marshall Minor III
Marshall Minor III


While delivering the same potent audio, minor iii happens to be fully wireless, giving you the freedom to listen without cords. Bluetooth 5.2 happens to be included inside of the minor iii, ensuring an existing solid connection between the earphones as well as your device
Marshall Minor III


Minor iii is going to surprise you with its 12 mm custom-tuned drivers, which produce an existing strong as well as clear sound
Marshall Minor III


You may use either that belongs to the mirrored touch-sensitive earbuds that come with minor iii to manage your music as well as phone conversations. You won’t miss an existing single beat because the auto-pause, as well as auto-play features, happen to be activated at the time where you take out as well as put inside of an existing earphone
Marshall Minor III


Minor iii includes 25 hours that belong to wireless playback time inside of total so you will not exist as left without music at the time where you need it most. You may put the earbuds into the case that is going to belong to at the time where you need an existing little extra juice because the earbuds have an existing 5-hour battery life, as well as the portable charging case, has four additional charges. The case happens to be conveniently rechargeable via USB-c cable or wirelessly

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