1/6 Super Rock Rey V2 4WD Rock Racer Brushless RTR, White

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  • 4WD independent front suspension with solid axle 4-link rear adds realism and improves performance over any terrain.
  • 4mm aluminium chassis with injection-moulded roll cage provides superior durability and scale looks.
  • Larger wheels and tyres increase ground clearance to avoid hang-ups.
  • LED light bars provide scale looks when the sun goes down.
  • An all-metal gear drivetrain increases durability.
  • Preset motor plate provides easy, precise gear mesh.
  • Coil-over, oil-filled shocks keep the ride smooth and plush.
  • Spektrum Firma 750Kv 4-pole Brushless Motor is capable of 50+ mph speeds.
  • Spektrum Firma 160A Brushless Smart ESC capable of 8S power.

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1/6 Super Rock Rey V2 4WD Rock Racer Brushless RTR, White

The 1/6 Super Rock Rey V2 4WD Rock Racer, in a striking White color, is a ready-to-run (RTR) model that blends speed, strength, and stunning looks for off-road racing enthusiasts. Equipped with a powerful brushless motor, this rock racer delivers high-speed performance over rugged terrains, making it a thrill for both beginners and seasoned RC hobbyists. Its four-wheel-drive (4WD) system ensures superior traction and handling, allowing it to conquer rocky paths and challenging obstacles with ease. The large 1/6 scale size not only provides an impressive presence but also enhances stability and durability. Designed for those who crave adventure, the Super Rock Rey V2 comes fully assembled, requiring minimal setup to get you racing in no time. Whether you’re tackling the great outdoors or a custom-built track, this rock racer promises an exhilarating and robust off-road experience.

Large 1/6 Scale Size: The commanding presence of its large 1/6 scale size not only makes it visually impressive but also improves stability and durability on rough terrains, making it less prone to tipping over and better able to handle larger obstacles.

Brushless Motor: Featuring a high-power brushless motor, this model provides exceptional high-speed acceleration and top-speed performance, perfect for competitive racing and thrilling off-road adventures, while also ensuring efficiency and longevity of the motor’s life.

4WD System: Its four-wheel-drive system guarantees excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, enhancing maneuverability and control over challenging obstacles and terrains, which translates to superior performance in races and recreational use alike.

Ready-to-Run (RTR): Comes fully assembled and ready to hit the ground racing right out of the box, minimizing setup time and making it instantly accessible for racers of all levels, from beginners to experienced hobbyists, without the need for additional assembly.

Durable Construction: The vehicle’s construction is built to withstand the rigors of off-road racing, featuring a robust chassis and high-quality materials that ensure longevity and resilience against impacts, making it a reliable choice for rugged racing environments.

Independent Suspension System: Each wheel’s independent suspension allows for better handling and shock absorption on uneven surfaces, significantly improving the vehicle’s ability to navigate through challenging terrains while maintaining stability and control at high speeds.

Large Tires with Aggressive Tread: Equipped with large tires featuring an aggressive tread pattern, this racer is designed for superior grip and control, capable of tackling any terrain, from rocky paths to sandy beaches, ensuring an adventurous off-road experience.

High-capacity ESC: The electronic speed controller (ESC) is adept at handling the brushless motor’s high power, providing smooth acceleration and responsive braking, which is crucial for navigating tight turns and sudden obstacles during intense racing sessions.

Adjustable Settings: Offering customizable settings for suspension, gearing, and more, enthusiasts can fine-tune their racer to perfectly match their driving style and the specific conditions of the race track, enhancing performance and driving satisfaction.

Scale Details and Design: Beyond performance, the Super Rock Rey V2 also features detailed design elements that mimic real-world rock racers, enhancing the overall aesthetic and realism of the model, making it a visually stunning piece for collectors and racers.

Safety Features: Equipped with various safety features, this model protects the electronics and motor from overloading, overheating, and other potential issues, ensuring a safe and enjoyable racing experience while extending the life of the vehicle.

Long-Range Remote Control: Comes with a long-range remote control that provides precise and responsive control over the vehicle, ensuring that racers can expertly navigate through complex courses without losing connection, even at significant distances.

Quick Battery Access: Designed for easy and quick battery access, this feature allows for fast battery changes and minimal downtime during racing sessions, keeping the action going without lengthy interruptions for maintenance or battery swaps.

LED Lights: The inclusion of LED lights not only adds to the realistic off-road racing experience but also improves visibility during low-light conditions, enhancing safety and the thrill of night-time racing adventures.


Product Specifications

Product Weight 20.6 lbs (9.3 kg) without batteries
Tire Tread MAXXIS Creepy Crawler LT
Vehicle Type Rock Racer
Power Type Electric
Gear Pitch 1.5 Mod
Servos Included
Body Screened with decals
Pinion 16T
Scale 1/6
Front Track 17.25 inches (438.1mm)
Vehicle Size Large
Inner Tire / Outer Wheel Diameter 3.2 in
Product Width 17.25″ (438 mm)
Radio Included
Technology AVC and SMART
Differential Fluid Filled, Bevel Gear
Receiver Included
Shock Type Oil-Filled, Coil-Over Springs
Charger Sold Separately
Ball Bearings Full Ball Bearings
Chassis 4mm Plate, 6061-T6 Aluminum
Completion Level Ready-To-Run
Drivetrain 4WD
Product Height 11″ (279 mm)
Tire Compound Firm
Final Drive Ratio 9.76:1
Motor Type Brushless
Rear Track 16.5 inches (419.1mm)
Speed Control Included
Wheelbase 20″ (508 mm)
Battery Sold Separately
Ground Clearance 3″ (76.2mm)
Internal Gear Ratio 4.88:1
Motor Size 56x87mm 750Kv
Product Length 27″ (686 mm)
Spur Gear 37T
Suspension Independent Front/4-Link Rear
Tire Type Raceline Monster
Wheel Width 2.1 inches (53.3mm)

In The Box

In The Box

  • (1) Super Rock Rey V2 Rock Racer RTR
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 160A Brushless Smart ESC 8S (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum Firma 1/6th 750Kv 4-pole Brushless Motor (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum S905 Large Scale WP Digital Servo, 15T (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum SR6200A 6-Channel AVC/Telemetry DSMR Surface Reciever (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum DX3 Smart DSMR Transmitter
  • (1) Product Manual

FAQs for 1/6 Super Rock Rey V2 4WD Rock Racer Brushless RTR, White

  1. What is the top speed of the 1/6 Super Rock Rey V2 4WD Rock Racer? The top speed can vary based on battery type and terrain but generally falls within a high-performance range suitable for competitive racing and thrilling off-road adventures. Exact speeds should be referenced from the manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. Can I upgrade the brushless motor for even higher performance? Yes, the Super Rock Rey V2 is compatible with various aftermarket brushless motors designed for 1/6 scale models, allowing for customization and upgrades to meet specific performance desires or competitive needs.
  3. Is the vehicle suitable for beginners? Absolutely, its Ready-to-Run (RTR) nature minimizes setup time, and adjustable settings allow for a tailored driving experience, making it a great option for beginners while still offering the performance that experienced racers seek.
  4. How durable is the Super Rock Rey V2 against impacts and falls? Its durable construction with a robust chassis and high-quality materials ensures resilience against impacts and falls, making it reliable for rugged racing environments and reducing the likelihood of damage during rough use.
  5. What type of batteries does the Super Rock Rey V2 require? It typically uses high-capacity LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries, providing the power needed for high-speed performance and long run times, but always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for battery specifications.
  6. Can the Super Rock Rey V2 be driven in wet conditions? While it’s built to handle rough and challenging terrains, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding water resistance to ensure that driving in wet conditions won’t damage the electronics.
  7. What maintenance does the Super Rock Rey V2 require? Regular maintenance includes checking and cleaning the vehicle after use, ensuring all parts are tightly secured, and inspecting for wear and tear on components like tires and suspension parts.
  8. Are spare parts readily available for the Super Rock Rey V2? Yes, spare parts are widely available through the manufacturer and various hobby shops, making repairs and upgrades convenient and ensuring your racer stays in peak condition.
  9. Can the Super Rock Rey V2 be used for competitive racing? Its high-speed performance, durability, and customizable settings make it an excellent choice for competitive racing, capable of competing in a variety of off-road RC racing events.
  10. How do the LED lights enhance the driving experience? The LED lights not only add a realistic look to the vehicle for off-road racing but also improve visibility in low-light conditions, allowing for safer and more immersive night-time racing adventures.

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