Hololens 2 Brow Pad Industrial Edition Multi Pack 10

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  • Bulk Comfort Solution: This Multi Pack 10 offers ten unique brow pads for extended HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition headset use.
  • Each brow pad is made of industrial-grade materials for durability and reliability in tough work situations.
  • Sweat-Resistant Material: The brow pads are sweat-resistant for comfort in hot weather and difficult jobs.
  • Hygienic and replaceable: These brow pads are easy to replace and enhance cleanliness in shared industrial situations.
  • These brow pads suit the HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition perfectly and provide excellent performance.
  • The multi-pack is a cost-effective and practical way to outfit a team with comfort accessories for businesses or consumers with several headsets.

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Hololens 2 Brow Pad Industrial Edition Multi Pack 10

For business customers that need more comfort and extended use of their HoloLens 2 headsets, the HoloLens 2 Brow Pad Industrial Edition Multi Pack 10 offers a complete solution. Ten specialized brow pads, all carefully engineered for longevity and HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition compatibility, are included in this box. These brow pads perform well in demanding industrial settings since they are made of materials that don’t sweat, guaranteeing user comfort even after prolonged use. The multi-pack offers a reusable and readily replaced choice for a clean and comfortable augmented reality experience, in addition to being a simple solution for organizations with several users. Because of their robust industrial-grade construction, these brow pads add to the HoloLens 2’s overall dependability and longevity in a variety of industrial applications.

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