Portronics Pixel 2 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Micro SD, 3.5mm Aux, 3W Output, Retro Volume Knob


  • Power Output(RMS): 3 W
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Memory Card Slot

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Portronics Pixel 2 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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Nostalgia hits differently with music and to relive those memories, is an absolute joy! What if you can literally time wrap and get to go through those memories well again! Wouldn’t that be great, and this is why we have come up with PIXEL 2 because we understand what nostalgia feels like. Even a tiny slice of those memories associated with a time gone by, makes it all worth and music is something so near to our collective conscience. Whenever things get gloomy in our lives, turning to music never disappoints. There were times when radio boxes, boomboxes and Walkman made music much more personal than it is now, a fixed number of tracks, limited sources, we valued what we heard. Then came SD cards and came dedicated slots that helped make playlists a forever thing

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Small looks but strong music – yes, we believe in it and deliver it pretty well. Now enjoy crystal clear and powerful sound with the 3W speakers of the Portronics Pixel 2 speaker. Unlock the beats and tap your feet to them whenever and wherever you want.

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Are you a fan of old-school stuff? Well, if you are, we are ready to take you on a tour of the retro era with the retro looks of the Pixel 2 speaker. Give yourself a retro feel along with the retro music and travel back to the golden era of music.

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Adding to your retro feels like nothing before. Now control the audio your way with the retro knob for controlling the speaker’s volume. Just turn the knob and get going with the Pixel 2 speaker.

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No need to be worried about the damage caused by water splashing against your speaker. With the water splash resistant body of the Pixel 2, keep the music playing and continue with your rain dance – just saying.

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Connectivity will no longer be an issue. Now give your devices an enhanced audio system by connecting them to the Pixel 2 through the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity feature and the 3.5mm AUX jack.

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Pixel 2 comes in a compact design which makes it easy to carry around. Use it anywhere you want to, anytime you want to, and enjoy your favourite music as per your convenience.

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