Zhiyun Fiveray FR100C White or Black Combo

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Key Features

• High Power with Two-Way Cooling
• CCT Mode, 2700k to 6200k & RGB Supported, Cinematic Coloring
• Dual Charging Solution: Fast & Reliable Power Support
• Supports 25W PD Fast Charge via a Type-C port
• Versatile for Different Settings

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Zhiyun Fiveray FR100C White or Black Combo

For a perfect illuminated art creation, here comes ZHIYUN FIVERAY FR100C COMBO from Xboom, a 100W light stick that combines great technique and outstanding accessibility. Shine bright, shine brilliantly for your creation with FIVERAY.

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High Power with Two-Way Cooling

The FR100C is equipped with advanced cooling features, including a radiator and six fans, which allow it to produce an impressive 20708 lux of light at its maximum power of 100W. This makes it suitable for a wide range of professional shooting scenarios. The device also has intelligent temperature control and overheat protection to ensure safe operation. The power distribution technology is designed to prevent the light stick from generating excessive heat, even when operating at high power levels. The fans are activated automatically when the power output exceeds a certain level. The MAX mode represents the device’s full power output, with a peak power of 100W in 4000K. When the brightness is set to 100% in MAX mode, the power output reaches its maximum level. It’s important to note that these measurements were taken with the test distance set at 0.3m.

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CCT Mode, 2700k to 6200k
Under CCT Mode, color temperature is adjustable from 2700K to 6200K

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RGB Supported, Cinematic Coloring
The FR100C features a convenient one-button press to enter HSI mode, allowing users to quickly and easily adjust the H-Hue (0-360°), S-Saturation (0-100%), and I-Illuminance (0-100%) settings using the control dial. With this level of control, users can create any atmosphere they desire, whether it’s a warm, inviting glow or a cool, crisp light. The flexibility of the HSI mode allows for endless possibilities in terms of lighting effects, making it an ideal tool for photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals who require precise control over their lighting setup.

Zhiyun Fiveray FR100C White or Black in use

The FR100C is designed to provide professional-grade color rendition, even when operating in RGB mode. It boasts a high brightness output while maintaining color accuracy, with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of at least 96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of at least 97. This means that the device is capable of creating a natural and authentic lighting environment that accurately represents colors as they appear in real life. With this level of color accuracy, the FR100C is well-suited for a variety of applications, including photography, videography, and broadcast production, where color accuracy is essential.

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Versatile for Different Settings
The FR100C features a 1/4″ screw hole on the bottom, which makes it easy to mount the device on a variety of different holders, including H stands, tripods, light stands, and other types of camera support equipment. This level of flexibility ensures that the device can be used in a wide range of filming settings, allowing for a customized lighting solution that meets the needs of the specific shoot. Whether it’s in a studio setting or out in the field, the FR100C can be easily mounted and positioned to achieve the desired lighting effect, making it a versatile tool for any professional photographer, videographer, or cinematographer.

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Artistic Lighting on the Go
When combined with a ZHIYUN handheld gimbal, the FR100C offers a powerful combination of smooth camera movement and stable, soft lighting. This makes it an ideal tool for a wide range of filming applications, including commercial production, Vlogging, filming, livestreaming, and light painting, particularly in low-light or dark outdoor environments. By providing stable lighting that complements the smooth camera movement enabled by the ZHIYUN gimbal, the FR100C helps to ensure that footage is not only smooth but also visually appealing and well-lit, even in challenging lighting conditions. This combination of stability and soft lighting makes the FR100C an excellent choice for any filmmaker or content creator who values high-quality visuals and a professional-looking final product.

Zhiyun Fiveray FR100C White or Black fast charge

Dual Charging Solution: Fast & Reliable Power Support
The FIVERAY FR100C offers convenient charging options for users, with support for 25W PD Fast Charge via a Type-C port. This allows users to quickly and easily charge the device using a compatible charger, ensuring that it’s ready for use when needed. Additionally, with the included 120W switching adapter, users can continue to use the FR100C while it’s charging. The power supply technology in the device is designed to ensure safe operation, with a 100W output while charging and using, without risking any damage to the device. This makes it a convenient tool for professionals who need to use the light stick for extended periods of time without worrying about running out of power.

In the Box

Zhiyun-Tech FIVERAY FR100C RBV LED Tube Light Combo with Power Supply
USB Type-A to USB Type-C Charging Cable
TransMount 120W Power Adapter
Storage Pouch


Built-in Battery Capacity: 6S/2600MAH
CCT Mode Power: 50W+50W
Color Temperature Range: 2700K~6200K
Max Power Mode 4000K/100% Illuminance (LUX): 2200 (in 1 meter)
TLCI Index: ≥97
CRI Index: ≥96
Product Size: 502*46*47(mm)
Net Weight: 920g
HSI Mode: H: Hue 0°~360°; S: Saturation 0~100%; INT: Intensity 0~100%
Power Adapter Output Voltage/Current: 24V/5A
Extension: 1/4″ Threaded Hole

Zhiyun Fiveray FR100C White or Black combo

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