Safety Gadgets kit-5

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The Self Defence Kit 6 is an all-around safety must-have. It comes including The Most Powerful Stun Gun, E-Wave V2.0, Advanced Pepperspray, Basu alarm, and Monkey Fist.

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E-Wave V2.0:

E-Wave 2.0 is the latest in stun gun technology brought to you by Xboom offering the highest voltage discharge and ergonomic design. A firm grip and size make it easy to carry and maintain control of situations, like in the case of an assault.

Advanced Pepperspray:

Our Advanced Pepper Spray is the ideal tool for any individual looking to protect themselves or willing to ensure their loved ones stay out of harm’s way. Made for use by everybody from working women and college girls, to senior citizens and even security personnel.

Basu alarm:

The Basu sound alarm is the perfect tool to help with your exploring. An ultra-compact alarm designed to be small and easily concealed. Once the alarm is triggered, a loud 120-decibel alarm sounds alerting those around you.

Monkey Fist:

A Handy self-defense tool to overcome surprising encounters. The monkey fist is a paracord self-defense tool that can be disguised as a keychain. It can be undone to turn into a 16” paracord string that can be used as a survival necessity.  It comes with a 1-inch metal ball at the end as in lightweight at just 80 gms.


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