Terminator Taser Gun

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The Terminator Taser Gun is an ultimate self-defence tool to protect yourself from a distance effectively. It consits of the gun, transmitter, LED Flashlight, laser sight, and Siren.

  • Output voltage: 80KV
  • Shooting Range: Upto 5-metre
  • Laser pointer to ease targetting.
  • Built-in flashlight for navigating during the dark.
  • Raise the alarm using built-in siren

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Terminator – Taser Gun

The terminator taser gun is integrated with a variety of advanced technologies that are used for physical self-defense, and capable of attacking within 5 meters.

Features of Taser Gun

  • Electric shock to extend the time for 30 seconds.
  • Effect of about 1-inch arc through clothing.
  • Needle length 9MM.
  • The current overpowers the normal Electrical Signals within the body’s nerve fibers, therefore the subject instantly loses muscular control of the body.
  • High voltage electric shock.
  • With laser light.
  • Shooting about 5M.
  • Electric alarm.

Main specifications

  • Output pulse voltage: 800kV
  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • Product size: 250*180*70 mm
  • Gross/net weight: 460 g/ 140 g

Packing includes:

  • Taser Gun, Charger
  • 3 x Cartridges, Laser Sight
  • LED Flashlight
  • Siren
  • Nylon Holder

Taser Gun Operation instruction

1. Before use, charge for 4 to 5 hours(Note, when charging the product, ensure the Taser gun in Power off)
2. While shooting, install one cartridge on the taser, and upward the second gear that has laser light, then press the trigger button.

3. The remote needle built-in cartridge will shoot 5 meters and will result in smoke at the same time as triggering.
4. When in need of high voltage electric shock, please take the cartridge off, and upward the second gear that has the laser light, then press the trigger button which results in a high voltage electric shock.

Caution before using the Taser gun

Do not use the function switch randomly during charging.
Do not target the electric shock on the metal parts, in order to avoid damage to the voltage generator.
Please keep it away from children and patients with heart disease.

Special attention

1. Do not point the TASER GUNS equipped with air cartridges on children, pregnant women, and frail elderly persons.

2. Always check the battery power is sufficient, if not please recharge it on time to have the best results.

3. Please make sure to install the air cartridge under the safety switch.

4. Before using this product, make sure there is no flammable gas or other Explosives nearby.

5. Do not shoot it at the person’s head, and avoid hurting the eyes.

WARNING!Do not test the device while charging. This can lead to damage!

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