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Which one is the best for self-defence – a taser gun, a stun gun, or pepper spray?

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Honestly, it’s a personal choice. When I say personal choice, it includes one’s stamina, physical fitness, and combat training experiences. A situation may also determine which weapon is more suitable than others.

Let us look at such situations in detail below :

Case 1 : Senior citizens and untrained women

It’s better for them to use pepper sprays or a taser gun in order to avoid hurting themselves.

Case 2 : In a closed environment

Since pepper sprays have the tendency to spread, it tends to affect the user too if used without proper precaution, in a closed environment. Pepper spray is best suited for scenarios where immediate escape is possible.

Case 3 : If the attacker is wearing a mask or glasses covering face and eyes

In this case the pepper spray won’t be effective as the pepper spray will not come in contact with his eyes or nose. It’s better to use either a stun gun or a taser in this kind of situation.

Therefore,  choose your weapon wisely and better equip yourself with multiple self-defence gadgets, so that you always have the right weapon to protect your life and valuables.

Stay More Protected!!

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