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Kitty-Knuckles – Pack of 2

6 customer reviews

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Kitty-Knuckles are designed to make you more effective in defending yourself. The kitty’s two sharp ears work as sharp and painful pressure points when used on an attacker. The eye holes are designed ergonomically to act as grips for two fingers to ensure a sturdy hold when attacking possible threats.

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Kitty Knuckles

The Kitty Knuckle is a self-defence tool in disguise which can be carried anywhere with convenience

  • It is compact, tough, easy to use.
  • Features a detailed snarling kitty cat design.
  • Eye-holes for fingers are about the same size as a 13 ring size.
  • This model is especially compact allowing you to use your fist or an open hand as you choose without losing it.
  • Very convenient, easily fits into a pocket or purse.


Applications of Kitty Knuckles:

  • It has two sharp ears which, when hit with force can cause some serious pain.
  • The eye holes are made to have a firm grip by inserting two of your fingers.
  •  It acts as the perfect weapon to multiply your force and strike the attacker with impact.

Advantages of Kitty Knuckles:

  • It is designed for concealed everyday carry, as it is lightweight and doubles up as a cool key chain.
  • This knuckle is hard and effective to impose pain or damage to an attacker based on what targets you aim for.
  • It is handy and will always be available when you need it, especially in places or situations like a parking lot or a garage when you walk to your car alone.
  • The kitty self-defence key chain is a legal carry in most places and can be travelled with. It is permissible by law as a self-defence weapon 
  • A cool and thoughtful present for family and friends who can use the Kitty Knuckles to ward off attackers

Warning :

  • To be used only for self-defence purpose.
  • Keep away from children.

6 reviews for Kitty-Knuckles – Pack of 2

  1. Anshula das

    I was surprised to see such a product can also be used as a self-defense product. I am happy by purchasing this product.

  2. Surbhi tiwari

    This is the best self-defense product due to its compatibility it makes me stay amazed I love the product

  3. arohi data

    It just looks cute but actually, it’s a dangerous product.

  4. Sanskruti handa

    This product has lots of pros:
    Small size, pocket-friendly price, effective, and many
    I am glad to get such a product

  5. Ammy malhotra

    To see it just looks like a keychain which can be carried casually on a daily bases.
    And easy to carry gadget.

  6. banarasone

    well made, easy to use, easy to carry, thank you. 🙂
    (though I hope no one has to use it.)

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