DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo‌

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  • 20-Meter Subject Focusing, 76,800 Ranging Points
  • Built-in Camera, Enhanced AI Recognition Algorithms
  • AMF Mode, Human-Machine Collaborative Focus Control
  • FIZ Lens Control, Magnetic Damping Tactile Feedback
  • LiDAR Waveform, Top-Down Focus Assistance View
  • Compatibility With DJI PRO Ecosystem

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Focus Pro Creator Combo‌

The Focus Pro Creator Combo from DJI is designed for filmmakers who handle their own focus, iris, and zoom (FIZ) adjustments. This comprehensive kit boosts the precision of FIZ controls, facilitating sharper, more professional results, particularly in single-shooter scenarios. It features a state-of-the-art LiDAR unit for accurate distance measurement, a Focus Pro Motor for swift and smooth adjustments, and a Focus Pro Grip that enhances handling and control. These components work together to provide intelligent, responsive autofocus capabilities that perform exceptionally well over varying distances. The entire set is neatly packed into a durable carrying case, making it easy to transport to various shooting locations. Ideal for filmmakers who demand high performance and reliability, this combo ensures superior image clarity and focus precision in diverse filming environments.

Autofocus: When paired with the Focus Pro Motor, the LiDAR unit can facilitate autofocus with compatible lenses. The unit’s 76,800 ranging points can project within a 1.6 to 65.6′ area. It also features a built-in camera with an equivalent focal length of 30mm and a wide FOV of 70°, catering to the focusing needs of most scenarios.

Updated AutoTrack Pro: The next-generation ActiveTrack Pro can directly read images from the camera built into the Focus Pro LiDAR Autofocus without needing the Ronin Image Transmitter. When using ActiveTrack Pro, you can directly monitor or frame the subject on the RS 4 Pro’s OLED touchscreen. Even if the target is briefly obscured, the LiDAR unit can quickly relocate and retain focus.

Intuitive Modes: The tracking feature can recognize and simultaneously track up to five subjects, allowing the user to select one for continuous follow. This functionality enhances focus precision and adaptability in dynamic filming environments.

Smart Object Identification: The Smart Object Identification feature distinguishes between humans and vehicles, optimizing scene comprehension for more targeted operations. This capability enhances the system’s ability to adapt its focus and tracking strategies based on the type of object identified, ensuring sharper and more accurate results whether capturing fast-moving scenes or focusing on specific individuals in diverse and dynamic filming conditions.

Flex Spot: To activate focus lock, simply frame the subject and press the gimbal trigger. This feature supports autofocus exclusively, streamlining the focusing process during dynamic shoots. It allows cinematographers to maintain sharp, consistent focus on moving subjects with ease, enhancing the quality of the footage while providing a reliable method to ensure critical scenes are captured with precision.

Wide: The system automatically detects the subject and maintains focus, supporting both autofocus and ActiveTrack technologies. This dual functionality ensures that the focus remains sharp and precise, following the subject seamlessly across various scenes. It’s ideal for dynamic shooting environments where maintaining continuous, accurate focus on moving subjects is crucial, enhancing the quality and professionalism of the footage.

Pairs with Focus Pro Motor: Use the USB-C data port to connect the LiDAR unit with the Focus Pro Motor for cinematic autofocus capability after calibration. Press the M button on the gimbal to switch between manual and autofocus with ease.
DJI Focus Pro Grip: Attach this DJI Focus Pro Grip to either side of your DJI R3 Pro or RS 4 Pro gimbal and control your Focus Pro Motor configuration for precise FIZ. The grip has an integrated 1.8″ touchscreen display, front dial, mode button, and record buttons for intuitive control over your camera and lens operations. Toggle AMF mode to engage autofocus, causing the front dial to rotate simultaneously and allowing cinematographers to visually observe the focus status on the monitor and via tactile feedback. Manual mode can then be engaged and disengaged intuitively.

Three USB-C ports: It facilitate communication between the Focus Pro LiDAR unit, Focus Pro Motor, and your camera. 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth communication allow for wireless transmission. Use the built-in NATO clamp and included adapters to attach the grip to either side of your gimbal configuration. A built-in battery keeps the grip running for 2.5 hours at a time, and it can recharge via PD fast charging technology using the USB-C port.

DJI Focus Pro Motor: Add focus, iris, or zoom control to your camera when mounted on select RS gimbal stabilizers with the DJI Focus Pro Motor. This updated motor features a 30% speed increase over the previous model with 300 gear teeth and 10ms low latency. Control the motor via 2.4 GHz transmission technology from up to 524.9′ away.

When used in zoom control mode, the Focus Pro can perform Power Zoom for PZ lenses, Clear Image Zoom, and external focus motor zoom for precise focusing. Its updated 15mm rod mount makes it more universally compatible with camera mounting configurations. Pair two Focus Pro Motors with the DJI RS 4 Pro to adjust focus with the gimbal’s onboard dial and zoom with the onboard joystick for efficient lens control.

DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo‌

All-New Grip, All-Around Capability

The redesigned DJI Focus Pro Grip enhances LiDAR focusing with its 2.5-hour battery life and intuitive screen controls. It supports auto-calibration and can store data for up to 15 lenses, streamlining setup and operation. The unit also features Bluetooth functionality for remote start/stop recording, adding convenience to its robust capabilities. With its handheld design, the DJI Focus Pro Grip is ideal for use without a Ronin stabilizer, making it versatile for various shooting environments. This grip is tailored for filmmakers who require reliable, precise focus control in a compact, user-friendly package.

DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo‌

Millisecond-Level Transition between AF and MF

DJI innovations introduce a new nimble switch between auto and manual focus, nailing changes in mere milliseconds. This quick-flip ability is a game-changer, especially when shooting unscripted moments that don’t pause for pondering. It hands cinematographers the reins to instantaneously tweak focus, ensuring they never miss a beat. Perfect for the unpredictable, this feature is a solid ally in the fast-paced world of film-making where spontaneity reigns supreme.

FIZ Hand Unit with Magnetic Damping

The FIZ (Focus/Iris/Zoom) Hand Unit’s magnetic damping delivers silky, uninterrupted control over focus, iris, and zoom. Precision rules as you slide through adjustments without jerks or jumps, critical for finessing those complex scenes. Its electronic A-B marking is the ace up the sleeve, allowing for repeatable focus accuracy, shot after shot. This precision instrument is a cornerstone for cinematographers who demand the smoothest of operations and spot-on focus pulls.

Enhanced Motor Capabilities

The enhanced FIZ motor on the DJI Focus Pro distinguishes itself with three torque settings and a rapid 10-millisecond response time, delivering precision focusing at high speeds. It fits seamlessly with 15mm rods, providing versatile mounting options for various camera setups. This motor also features a convenient one-button linking system with the Hand Unit, simplifying the setup process significantly. Such efficiency is crucial for professionals who must quickly adjust to changing conditions on set. The DJI Focus Pro’s upgraded motor is designed to meet the demands of dynamic filmmaking, ensuring smooth and reliable focus control.

Advanced Connectivity and Compatibility

The DJI Focus Pro shines in connectivity within the DJI ecosystem, offering Bluetooth control over cameras to eliminate the need for cables. It integrates smoothly with the DJI Ronin app, which facilitates lens calibration and stores settings for up to 15 lenses, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. The device is compatible with the DJI RS 4 Pro, DJI Transmission, and the High-Bright Monitor, making it adaptable to a variety of tech-driven filming setups. This level of compatibility and functionality positions the DJI Focus Pro as a versatile tool in any filmmaker’s arsenal.



DJI RS 3 Pro / RS 4 Pro / Focus Pro Grip
1920 x 1440
Frame Rate
30 fps
Field of View
57.4° (Horizontal)
44.6° (Vertical)
1.6 to 65.6′ / 0.5 to 20 m

Inputs / Outputs

2 x USB-C Female Input


Power Source
DC Input Power
6.6 to 17.2 VDC
Power Consumption
6.3 W (Typical)
6.8 W (Maximum)


Environmental Protection
Operating Temperature
-4 to 113°F / -20 to 45°C


1x Cold Shoe
1x 1/4″-20 Thread
Cable Length
11.8″ / 30 cm
2.7 x 2.2 x 1″ / 68 x 57 x 25 mm
4.9 oz / 140 g

DJI Focus Pro Grip Specs


DJI Focus Pro Motor / RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer / RS 3 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer


Display Size


Power Source
Battery Type
1x Internal Rechargeable
DC Input Power
6.6 to 8.4 VDC


1x NATO Clamp
2x NATO Rail
1x M4 Screw
1x 1/4″-20 Screw
Cable Length
15.7″ / 40 cm
6.4 x 2.9 x 2.3″ / 162 x 73 x 59 mm
17 oz / 482 g

DJI Focus Pro Motor Specs


DJI RS 3 Gimbal Stabilizer / RS 4 Gimbal Stabilizer / RS 3 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer / RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer / Focus Pro Grip / Focus Pro Hand Unit / Ronin 4D Flex
Max Transmission Distance
524.9′ / 160 m
Gear Specs
30 Teeth, 0.8 MOD
Max Torque
0.6 Nm
300 rpm (Max)


Power Source
DC Input Power
6.6 to 17.2 VDC


1x 15mm Rod
1x 1/4″-20 Screw
1x Rod Mount Kit
Cable Length
11.8″ / 30 cm
3.9 x 2.4 x 1.3″ / 100 x 61 x 34 mm
4.3 oz / 123 g

FAQs for DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo‌

  1. What is included in the DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo?
    • The Creator Combo includes the DJI Focus Pro, Focus Pro Grip, FIZ motor, Ronin image transmitter, various cables, mounting accessories, and a protective carrying case.
  2. How does the DJI Focus Pro ensure precise autofocus?
    • The Focus Pro uses advanced LiDAR technology with 76,800 ranging points and a 30Hz refresh rate to achieve precise and rapid autofocus on subjects within its field of view.
  3. Can the DJI Focus Pro be used with any camera system?
    • While it is designed to be highly compatible with DJI products like the RS 4 Pro, it can be used with various other camera systems that support 15mm rods and have Bluetooth capability for integration.
  4. What is the maximum effective range of the DJI Focus Pro’s LiDAR system?
    • The LiDAR system can accurately focus on subjects up to 20 meters away.
  5. How does the DJI Focus Pro Grip enhance the usability of the Focus Pro?
    • The Focus Pro Grip extends system power for up to 2.5 hours, offers intuitive screen operations for ease of use, and allows for Bluetooth start/stop recording, enhancing handheld shooting capabilities.
  6. What are the benefits of Bluetooth connectivity in the DJI Focus Pro?
    • Bluetooth connectivity allows for a cleaner setup with less cable clutter, enabling remote control over camera functions and settings directly from the device.
  7. How does the auto-calibration function work on the DJI Focus Pro?
    • Auto-calibration simplifies the setup process by automatically adjusting the FIZ motor to the connected lens’s focus range, ensuring optimal performance without manual tweaking.
  8. Can I store custom settings in the DJI Focus Pro?
    • Yes, the system allows you to calibrate and save settings for up to 15 different lenses, facilitating quick swaps and consistent focus performance across shoots.
  9. Is the DJI Focus Pro weather-resistant?
    • The product materials do not specify weather resistance; it’s recommended to use the Focus Pro in favorable conditions or with protective gear in mild adverse weather.
  10. Where can I download the DJI Ronin app for use with the DJI Focus Pro?
    • The DJI Ronin app is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, providing additional features and controls for the DJI Focus Pro.

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