Street harassment

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Street Harassment includes unwanted whistling, leering, sexist, homophobic or trans phobic slurs. Persistent requests for someone’s name, number or destination after they’ve said no. They tease with sexual names, comments and demands, following, flashing, public masturbation, groping, sexual assault, and rape.

“With the amendment in Section 354 of Indian Penal Code and with insertion of several new Sections of 354 A, 354 B, 354 C and 354D, one can booked for trying to contact a woman despite her disinterest. Such provisions were not available earlier,” Added Virk.

The complaints of eve teasing filed before April 2013, prior to the amendment, ranged from 138 to 322 every month but it suddenly jumped to 501 after the amendment and later rose to about 600 every month, said city’s top cop. Similar trends are noticed in cases of domestic violence when cases reported prior to amendment were 10-37 each month, But now 50-70 such cases are being reported every month. The number of abduction and eve-teasing cases has also gone up.

Sexual Harassment  generally accepted to take two forms.  (C.M.Hunt, M.J.Davidson, S.L. Fielden and H. Hoel), The Centre for Diversity and Equality at Work, Manchester Business School,The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, Reviewing sexual harassment in the workplace –an intervention model, 2010) namely:

Quid Pro Quo; and

Hostile Environment.

Quid Pro Quo

Simply put, this illegal unwanted sexual behaviour means This For That. Therefore, such a demeanour relates to a situations. where an individual- the harasser- will explicitly or implicitly make sexual requests and /or advances in exchange for some desired result.

Hostile Environment.

Sexual harassment occurs when the victim is faced with unwelcome conduct, Based on his or her sex. Such behaviour can be verbal, non-verbal, visual, or physical. (This creates an uncomfortable, intimidating, hostile, or offensive work or learning environment.

Sexual harassment at work can be of different forms; Unwelcome staring, humiliating sexual remarks and comments. And exposure to pictures of a pornographic nature, unnecessary touching, invitations for sexual affairs occasionally result in sexual assault or rape.

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