Advanced Safety Spray

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Our Advanced Pepper Spray is the ideal tool for any individual looking to protect themselves or willing to ensure their loved ones stay out of harm’s way. A self-defence tool that has been synonymous with safety since time immemorial. Made for use by everybody from working women and college girls, to senior citizens and even security personnel, the quality and design of our products ensure a world-class standard is met while also giving prime consideration to our customers varied and versatile safety needs.

  • Effective Range of upto 10 ft
  • Ultra Strong Formula with 10% O.C
  • Aerosol Based For better spread
  • Handy & Compact Canister
  • Safety Lock to prevent accidental discharge

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xboom Advance Pepper Spray

Xboom Advanced Safety Spray 

Staying true to its name, the Xboom Advanced safety Spray/ O.C Spray is perhaps one of the most advanced existing self-defense tools. We at Xboom have worked tirelessly to ensure that no corners were cut and that every part of the Advanced safety Spray is precision-crafted to serve its purpose of keeping its users safe so that they feel protected. The product boasts of all the features of a standard spray and meets market standards but our team has pushed the boundaries of safety and ensured that it is sleek, modern, and easy to carry around. The differences are easily distinguishable from other safety sprays, the minute it is picked up.

Product Features:

  • Xboom Advanced safety Spray has an outstanding range of up to 10 feet, meaning you’re always a safe distance away from attackers and thus much safer. This also ensures you as a user are far away from any fumes that can be released during the use of the weapon 
  • Unlike other sprays available on the market, most of which are water-based, XBoom’s Advanced safety Spray is Aerosol Based. This means you get exactly what you pay for, a durable weapon with one of a kind range. It is a long-lasting shelf life that has no matches to other Sprays.
  • The chilli spray directs the fumes away from the user because of its Uniquely designed spray nozzle. The nozzle helps to direct the attacker. Thereby always immobilizing attackers and ensuring that accidental self-spraying is no longer a threat.
  • The Spray is Legal To Use And Is Certified By Government Lab.
  • The can comes equipped with a 360-degree valve to ensure that a shot can be made from any angle. This means that the safetyspray can protect you from every direction 
  • A flip cap ensures easy storage and efficiency in usage, while also preventing misuse. It is also easy to handle during situations like accidents caused while children using the weapon.
  • Unlike its counterparts, our safety spray is designed for zero leakage and can be safely stored without any need for worrying. 
  • The flip cap is fixed onto the body of the spray canister, ensuring that it never gets lost.
  • A single can of XBoom Advanced safety spray contains enough potent safety mix for 20 to 30 shots ensuring that you and your loved ones are protected from all kinds of trouble.

Product Specification

Spray Type: Fog

Hotness: 10% O.C content

Content: Chilli, Pepper, and aerosol.

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Packaging Type: Bottle

Application: Self-Defence Only

The formula is concentrated and strong, with 10% O.C. content.


Warning: Be sure to cover your nose if the wind is blowing against you! Keep away from children. Please read the instruction manual prior to use for complete instructions

Disclaimer: This product is to be used for self-defence and/or other legally permissible purposes only. The responsibility to ensure that the product is used in a legal manner lies with the user.

To know more about the Laws On self- defence in India, read our blog.


Frequently Asked Questions On Xboom Advanced pepper Spray


Q1. What makes our Advanced pepper Spray special?

Ans. We have designed this product to be an effective self-defense spray with current international standards as our benchmark.

The imported flip-flop cap ensures the high durability of the product – the protective cap included.

Zero cases of accidental discharge, as the formula is aerosol-based – not water.

The aerosol formula allows for larger reach and maintained concentration for instant irritating effect.

Q2. Who can use our Advanced safety Spray?

Ans. Everybody! That’s what makes the Advanced safety Spray one of XBoom’s best sellers – the fact that anybody – regardless of age, size, or strength – can use it as an effective tool for self-defense.

What’s better, this is perfectly legal in India! The right to self-defense is protected by our laws, and the use of safety spray in this regard is completely legal.

Q 3. How Does it Work?   

Ans. OC safety, when sprayed in the attacker’s face, causes immediate extreme discomfort to their vision, breathing and skin. It causes coughing and an intense burning sensation in the eyes and skin, which lasts up to 45 minutes – leaving you with ample time to make a getaway or call for help!

One canister of our Advanced safety Spray has the ability to incapacitate up to 10 attackers – even those under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.


Q4. How Do I Use It?

Ans. Our product has been designed specifically to be user-friendly. A special actuator allows the spray to be deployed using either the thumb or the forefinger.

Simple aim at the attacker’s face, and depress the trigger in short bursts of 2 to 3 seconds. To know the tips on using safety sprays read the blog.

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