Womens- It’s your right to be Safe!!

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Every Woman has the right to live safely whether at home, in public transport or at office.

Now –a-days, all women live in an environment of uncertainty and risk of violent crime. Govt., state & company laws will take their own course to tackle the menace of violence against women crimes. Although laws should be made stringent to handover the quick justice to the crime survivors and appropriate punishment to the guilty. But the actual need of the hour is a revolutionary change in the mind-sets of men who commit these horrendous crimes. After the BRUTAL case at Delhi and worldwide, we thought that now there will be an improvement of women’s safety and security in India. But nothing happened like that.Still all over India women are getting tortured.Even today specially at night ,we can not find any type of protection for women on roads.Women definitley needs to be more watchful and more defensive whenever living or travelling alone as they need to have someone to be along with them or at least a call away to prevent such acts.Needless to say, women should take charge for their own safety. Time has come for women to adopt proactive approach and utilize the available gadgets, mobile applications and learn self -defence techniques for their own safety. Alertness and the spirit of fight back can go a long way to reduce the number of crimes against women. Stringent laws, awareness and decisive actions pertaining to women safety will make our neighbourhoods, communities, and society at large a safer place.

Women’s safety is a big issue in india so as to be more safe womens should learn self defense so they won’t need any others help.Nobody can protect you better than yourself! Trust your instincts and fight back!

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Women,Stay Safe!

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