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AIS 140 GPS Tracker:

AIS-140 is the intelligent transport system that is a new addition to the Indian automotIve industry standards. The ITS (Intelligent Transport System) is a much needed requirement of the world of vehicles. There is a rapid rise of Vehicles on the road daily and therefore, it’s important for the government to associate certain guidelines which specify the emergency and safety standards that need to be implied in all kinds of public transport systems.

There are two kinds of AIS 140 requirements in a GPS device –

  1. Emergency button and
  2. Vehicle location tracking.

(In order to increase and ensure the efficiency of the transport system, the Government of India has designed an intelligent transport system (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard – 140. This GPS Tracker is equipped with some of the most modern features to protect and secure your vehicle.

It provides real-time location on your smartphone or laptop.

How to get your vehicle the AIS 140 Certification?

To ensure compliance to the AIS 140 guidelines and to get your vehicle AIS 140 certified, you as a vehicle owner should fit your vehicles with a GPS tracking system along with a camera surveillance and emergency request button.

As per the directive, both the existing and the upcoming vehicles should be equipped with GPS tracking systems and emergency buttons.

Some of the uses of AIS 140 GPS devices are:

Intra-city and inter-city Public Transport Systems:

Transport systems located within specific city limits require a way to organise traffic flow and keep track of the movement of traffic within the city. Also in the same way, incoming and outgoing traffic that comes to the city should be monitored so that it reduces the pileup of traffic on city roads and eases the transition of vehicles within the city.

Emergency Management:

Imagine a situation where there is a huge traffic on the roads and there is an Ambulance rushing a patient to the hospital. In this case, the traffic situation will determine the life of the patient, not the help of medical aid. With the help of an AIS 140 GPS device, there can be coordination between the traffic control centre which can monitor the flow of traffic and thus help save lives and save time for emergency situations as well as everyday commuters.

Commercial Vehicles:

All commercial vehicles also need to be equipped with an AIS 140 GPS device, the advantage to installing the device in their vehicles will affect the situation of traffic in the city and help reduce the amount of cars that pileup and therefore reduce the time spent waiting in traffic.

Doing this also helps commuters contact emergency services using the emergency button, that comes with these devices saving time and lives.

Benefits of AIS 140 GPS Tracker:

(Route optimisation, Reduce fuel cost, Decreases response time for improved customer service, improve safety for fleet vehicles, Reduces losses due to theft)

1. A Strong Vehicle Tracking System.

2. Efficient Management of routes and transport schedules.

3. An SOS Button during Crises.

4. An Effective Tool to Manage Your Crew.

5. Vehicle Health Advisor.

6. Safety of Passengers while using public transport.



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