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Global Positioning System (GPS)

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GPS trackers

Global Positioning System :-

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite based radio-navigation system.
  • It’s a network of about 30 satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 20,000 km.
  • Originally developed by the US government for military navigation, but now anyone can have access to a GPS Device.
  • Russia, India, China and Europe have equivalent systems although these systems sit on a geosynchronous all but above their countries which means they’re not worldwide.



Finding an accurate position without landmarks has been a matter of dead-reckoning, astral navigation and complex calculations of longitudes and latitudes. But, thanks to GPS (Global Positioning System)  knowing exact whereabouts is effortlessly easy. Complexities of traffic, airline, shipping industry, and military are addressed, thanks to GPS. Finding Nemo just got easier!.



  • The satellite can zero down to your location by the principle – ‘trilateration’.
  • Imagine you are standing somewhere on Earth with three satellites in the sky above you.
  • If you know how far away you are from satellite 1, then you know you must be located somewhere on the circle 1.
  • If you do the same for satellites 2 and 3, you can work out your location by seeing where the three circles intersect. This is just what your GPS receiver does, although it uses overlapping spheres rather than circles.
  • The more satellites there are above the horizon the more accurately your GPS unit can determine where you are.
  • Each satellite carries with it an atomic clock that “ticks” with a nominal accuracy of 1 nanosecond to keep accurate time. Currently there are approximately 1,459 artificial satellites orbiting the Earth.
  • There are two GPS signals. One is encrypted and the other one is not.
  • To use the encrypted signal, your GPS device needs a cryptographic “fill” that contains the data necessary to decrypt it.
  •  GPS-guided weapons are typically filled, to increase accuracy but also to prevent GPS hijacking.
  • With futuristic projects like Augmented Reality, Automated Driving, and Geo Fencing Features, the future of GPS looks only brighter.


  • GPS provides route optimisation.
  • Decreases response time for improved customer service.
  • Reduce fuel cost.
  • Improve safety for fleet vehicles.
  • Reduces losses due to theft.

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