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Precautionary Measures to be taken in different scenarios

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Precautionary Measures to be taken in different scenarios

Safety in your home 

Home Security

To keep people away from attacking you in your own home, the main key is to not let strangers get past your front door. One can take the following precautions while at home.


  1. Using your door viewer to see who is at the door
  2. Locking your doors, even when you’re at home
  3. Changing the locks on the doors when you buy a new home or if you have previously been burglarised
  4. Only opening your door a few inches when you don’t know the person on the other side
  5. Closing the blinds or curtains to make sure people can’t see in
  6. Making sure your home is well-lit inside and out

Be safe when your travel in a car

Safety in a car

The use of cab services like Ola and Uber have grown tremendously over the past five years and have now become a regular mode of transportation for almost everyone with a smartphone. While travelling through cab services one can take the following precautions to stay safe and avoid any assault:


  1. Note down the car and driver details and share it with your family and friends
  2. Make sure that the driver knows that you have shared his details. This will prevent him from making any moves if he had any intention to do so earlier.
  3. Make sure that the child safety lock is off. Incase the child safety lock is on, the car can only be opened from the outside and this will act as a disadvantage because you will not be able to exit the car and escape.
  4. Always keep your GPS on while travelling, you never know how big of a help this can be.
  5. If you are travelling alone, always sit right behind the driver’s seat. This will make it difficult for him to reach you and you will have full proximity to him.

When your are in an Elevator 

Elevator safety
  1. If you are entering an elevator, never face your back towards the door.
  2. Always stand near the door if possible.
  3. If you feel strange about someone following you inside the elevator, trust your instincts and press all the buttons to all the floors. This will save you from any mishaps as the assaulter probably won’t take any chances of attacking you if the elevator door opens frequently.


When you are in outdoors 

Outdoor safety

When we step out of the comfort of our homes, we risk our lives everyday, unaware of accidents that might happen. One can never be certain of anything and predict their future. However, one factor which has always proved to work is staying alert and aware of your surroundings.

  1. While travelling in metros and buses or while walking on the streets, always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert!
  2. Make sure you avoid listening to music, texting or talking on the phone when you are travelling alone.
  3. Maintain a strong posture and make eye contact. Predators look for easy targets and when you become one, nothing can stop them from making a move. Therefore, always try holding a stern and strong attitude rather than a soft and shy one.  
  4. If you are attending a party, never leave your food or drinks alone. If you do, keep a close watch on them so that your food or drinks are not drugged.


Despite taking precautions, it is still possible to become a victim of an attack. Incase that happens, FIGHT BACK! Most of the attacks become successful because the victim gives in and accepts submission, giving the attacker whatever he demands, in most cases for fear of their life. These attackers gain confidence of committing such crimes repeatedly because they never face a tough fight or resistance.

Women have always been considered to be the weaker sex in the society. That hardships and physical labour is out of their genre. But nothing can be as wrong as this notion. If you go to look at it men and women are not that different at all! Both their bodies comprise of muscles, bones and fat. And all one needs to fight back is that – our bodies.

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