Safety Measures For Delivery Employees

Safety Measures For Delivery Employees
May 14, 2017 Lydia
Safety Measures For Delivery Employees

A Case of a Delivery Guy

A delivery man working with e-commerce major Flipkart was allegedly murdered by a gym instructor in Bangalore to get hold of the mobile phone he had ordered, as he did not have money to pay in return, police said.


“The gym instructor Varun Kumar K, has been arrested for murder and destruction of evidence, police said.
They said Kumar had placed an order for a mobile phone on Flipkart on December 8, 2016 and the delivery man had come to deliver the mobile phone to the gym in the afternoon on the next day.
From the investigation it is clear that Kumar killed him with a knife with an intention to get hold of the phone and the money Nanjundaswamy had, officials added. Police have recovered Rs 10,000 from Kumar which he had stolen from the delivery man along with the mobile phone and another phone that had to be delivered to another customer.”


Who would’ve thought that a delivery job could cost you your life?

It’s high time that logistics companies realise the need to take an initiative to ensure the safety of their employees. Staff who navigate their way through the city, to deliver shipments, by facing numerous time constraints, are prone to attacks, as a result of possession of valuables to be delivered and the cash carried around by them.

Moreover, in case of theft, employees are made liable for the losses incurred.
The current situation demands a safer work environment for these delivery personnel.

In emergency situations, employees should be able to defend themselves. The company should make sure that these men are well armored with any self defence product like Pepper SpraysBatons or Personal Alarms which would give them the confidence to tackle their attackers and seek help.

Companies should also consider offering Personal GPS Trackers to all their employees.

There are numerous benefits of these devices, in terms of security and monitoring the movement of the workers.
A Personal GPS Tracker has various features which include live tracking, idle time alerts, SOS/PANIC button and many more.

GPS Tracking Panic/SOS buttons, alert designated individuals or authorities to your current location in times of emergencies.

The implementation of personal safety devices and Personal GPS Trackers could be a major leap in enhancing the security level of the workforce in logistic companies.


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