Electra - Stun gun cum Flashlight
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Electra – Stun gun cum Flashlight
  • Electra - Stun gun cum flashlight
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Electra – Stun gun cum Flashlight

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1,400.00 1,299.00

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Electra is a perfect self protection device to ensure safety. This device is designed as a disguise so that it looks like a normal torch to your attacker. The stun gun can generate electric shock pulse which is powerful but non lethal.

  • Generates a powerful but non-lethal electric shock of 3.8 million volts.
  • Flashlight to blind the person on gaze.
  • The paralyzing effect in instant.
  •  Disable the attacker for upto 5 minutes, buying you the time to escape.
  • Safety lock to avoid child misuse.
  • Rechargeable up to 1000 times.
  • With strong flashlight of 210 Lumens, it can focus up to 200 meters that helps you to locate and navigate at night.

Estimated delivery by: 27/11/2018


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Electra – Stun gun cum Flashlight

Electra- Stun gun cum Flashlight, is a powerful 2 in 1 self defense weapon used by men,women,security personnel or senior citizens.It is a close proximity self defense device that use high-voltage electricity to stop an attacker by momentarily disabling muscle control. 

Applications of Stun gun

  • Personal security for ladies, travelers, senior citizens.
  • Helps to enhance the security capabilities of security personnel.
  • Protects the assets and cash carried by transporters, cash collectors and logistics delivery agents.

How to use ?

This stun gun has a toggle switch working in three modes:

  • Mode 1 Mode 1 is when switch is moved to front for led flashlight.(Stun gun doesn’t function in this mode)
  • Mode 2 – When switch is in the middle flashlight and stun gun both doesn’t work.
  • Mode 3 – When switch is the back stun get ready to use.Use the round press down button to activate stun gun.(Torch doesn’t function in this mode)

Note – Use safety switch at the bottom of the device to deactivate the stun gun.It will ensure any kind of misuse by children or anybody else.

Use charging cable to charge the stun gun.Red led bulb glows while charging.

Effects of stun gun

This flashlight stun gun makes an effect when it is made contact with the attacker’s body. It can make the person feel immense pain and helpless, without leaving any scar or harm the to attacker’s body. The effect is only temporary.Attacker gets to normal within 10 minutes.

Benefits of stun gun

  • Buys you more time to escape the site and get the help.
  • No need to get in fight and cause the collateral damage.
  • Gives you power to handle multiple attackers.
  • The effects last for upto 5 mins,  leaving no permanent damage.


Stun guns are legal to use in India for self defense purpose only.Precautions to be taken to keep away from children or miscreants. The responsibility to use ELECTRA-Stun gun in the correct and legal manner lies with only the user.

Please read the instruction manual prior to use.


Additional information

Weight60 g
Dimensions2.3 × 2.3 × 15 cm


Q1. What is an Electra?

Ans. This device is designed as a disguise so that it looks like a normal torch to your attacker. Its stun gun can generate electric shock pulse which is powerful but non lethal.

Q2. This device is suitable for?

Ans. This is suitable for – Men, security personnel, women,  senior citizens, etc.

Q3. How much shock does this Device produce?

Ans. Generates a powerful but non-lethal electric shock of 3.8 million volts.

Q4. What is the maximum delivery time for this product?

Ans. 3 – 5 days

Q5. Flash light of this device ranges upto?

Ans. With strong flashlight of 210 Lumens, it can focus up to 200 meters that helps you to locate and navigate at night.

Q6. How safe is it to have around children?

Ans. The Xboom Electra (stun gun) is a self-defense device, and like other options, should be kept out of reach of children at all times. It is equipped with a safety lock that protects any such accidents..

Q7. How long will the Xboom Electra (stun gun) battery last for? Is it rechargeable, or can I use regular batteries?

Ans. The battery can supply over fifty 30-second applications. As with all power sources, environmental conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, can impact battery life differently.

Yes it is rechargeable.

Q8. Can the Xboom Electra (stun gun) be brought on a plane?

Ans. No, Xboom Electra (stun gun) devices are not permitted in carry-on luggage for domestic flights. However, they can be packed in checked baggage if you are traveling to a state that allows possession.

Q9. Isn’t high voltage lethal?

Ans. High voltage, in itself, is not dangerous. One can receive a 25,000-volt shock of static electricity from a doorknob on a dry day without harm. The physiological effect of electrical shock is determined by the current, its duration, and the power source that produces the shock. The typical household current of 110 volts is dangerous because it can pump many amperes of current throughout the body indefinitely. By contrast, the Xboom Electra (stun gun)device’s power supply consists of batteries that are capable of supplying electrical power for a few minutes, but will not kill the assailant

Q10. How can the Xboom Electra (stun gun) device be so effective yet non-injurious?

Ans. The Xboom Electra (stun gun) device does not depend upon impact, pain or body penetration to achieve its effect. Its pulsating electrical output interferes with communication between the brain and the muscular system, resulting in loss of control. However, the Xboom Electra (stun gun) device is non-destructive to nerves, muscles and other body elements. It simply affects them in their natural mode. More importantly, no court of law has ever ruled that a death has ever been directly attributed to the Xboom Electra (stun gun) STUN GUN device.

Please comment below in case you have any other questions.



  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Every individual who travels for purpose of work from place to place its good for them to secure themselves from danger its best product.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I usually carry this product whenever I travel to some other places for my personal safety

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Best product to use for safety purpose. self-defense product.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    The sound of a teaser is terrifying and frightens people and I feel secured to carry this device.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Good product, best torch facility the beam travel till 200 meters.

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