Electra – Stun Gun cum Flashlight with 3.8 million volts electric shock

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Electra is an ingeniously concealed self-protection device. At first glance it looks like a torch – which it is – but that’s not all this cleverly designed gadget is.


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Electra – Stun gun cum Flashlight

Electra- Stun gun cum Flashlight, is a powerful 2 in 1 self defense weapon used by men, women, security personnel or senior citizens.It is a close proximity self defense device that use high-voltage electricity to stop an attacker by momentarily disabling muscle control. 



Generates a non-lethal electric shock of 3.8 million volts.

Has an instant effect of immobilization.

Disables the attacker for up to 5 minutes – allowing you time to escape or get help.

Boasts an incredibly powerful flashlight of 210 lumens that can be directed up to 200 meters to help you navigate the dark.

Can handle up to 1000 recharges.

Comes with a built in safety lock feature to prevent accidents.


Why Electra?

Ideal for use in enhancement of capabilities of security and law enforcement personnel. The straightforward, yet effective design also enables Electra’s use by individuals – including senior citizens, as a tool for personal security.

Using Electra as a stun gun immobilizes a would-be attacker and allows you to control the situation – either by escaping it, or by calling for help. The effects last for up to 5 minutes, and the device allows you to better handle multiple potential attackers.

Best of all, it’s a completely legal tool for self defence!  


Applications of Stun gun

  • Personal security for ladies, travellers, senior citizens.
  • Helps to enhance the security capabilities of security personnel.
  • Protects the assets and cash carried by transporters, cash collectors and logistics delivery agents.

How Do I Use this stun gun?

The device is built to be straightforward: you have a toggle switch that allows three modes:


  • The switch is moved to the front to function as only an LED flashlight. The stun gun cannot be used in this mode.
  • The switch is in the middle preventing use as either a torch or the stun gun.
  • The switch is moved to the back end to prepare the stun gun for use. The electric impulse is activated by pressing down on the round button on the body of the torch. The torch does not function in this mode.


The stun gun needs to make contact with the attacker’s body to be effective, sending a wave of electric shock through their body, without an actual injury. The goal is to prevent the attacker from getting to you, and to give you time to regain control of the situation.

The effects are not meant to be permanent; the attacker will regain full functioning within a maximum window of 10 minutes.   

The device comes with a charging cable, and a red LED bulb – which glows when correctly plugged in.

Note: Electra is equipped with a safety switch at the bottom. Using the same will prevent misuse/accidents in the hands of children or other similarly vulnerable persons.

Warning: This product is to be used for self-defence and/or other legally permissible purposes only. The responsibility to ensure that the product is used in a legal manner lies with the user.

Please read the instruction manual prior to use.

Keep away from children.


Additional information

Weight60 g
Dimensions2.3 × 2.3 × 15 cm

7 reviews for Electra – Stun Gun cum Flashlight with 3.8 million volts electric shock

  1. Anand ahuja

    Every individual who travels for purpose of work from place to place its good for them to secure themselves from danger its best product.

  2. Niskarsh bajaj

    I usually carry this product whenever I travel to some other places for my personal safety

  3. Manhan gupta

    Best product to use for safety purpose. self-defense product.

  4. Babita iyer.

    The sound of a teaser is terrifying and frightens people and I feel secured to carry this device.

  5. Bharth jain

    Good product, best torch facility the beam travel till 200 meters.

  6. ashwini

    i feel more secured while travelling alone…best product foe self defense

  7. Tanmoy Roy

    I bought Electra from them which was defected. After, I informed them, they replaced the defected item. Now, I can actually see the power of Electra. I think everyone should carry such portable safety gadget.

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